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Abdominal pain and sickness

I have always suffered from endometriosis since the age of 16. I am not 24 and have constantly been in and out of hospital with Ovarian cysts. I have had around 10 laparoscopic surgeries to removce cysts and ablation. All have left me scaring. I have been on the prostrap injection for four months now and things seem to be going well, I have not been suffering from servere bleeding as much and my body seems. Although first I suffered with horendous pain, which i think was the injections way of kicking in, I believe they are working.

Although, in the past six months I have been in hospital three times for severe pain and swelling on my stomach. Going though the usual "its my appendix" then being passed on to gynae. The pain is so severe I cannot stop being sick. I have been in hosptial for six days now and have been juggled between surgical and gyane. Waiting on results of swabs which the gynae has taken. The surgical team have said that I can go home, before my results have been sent back from the lab.

I am still in horrid pain and cannot hold anything down. The CT Scan has shown fluid around my oravy, but still nothnig is to be done. Im really starting to feel as though I am being neglected as I am obviusly not well, in pain and really dehydrated. Yet they are sending me home?

Just feel lost and upset and neglected. And need help.

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You poor thing, I feel so sorry for you, you must feel wretched :(

Have they had you on a drip while you've been in hospital? Have they given you anything for the pain which has actually worked?

If there is nothing to be seen in terms of cysts or anything else acute going on, they won't operate, and frankly I am amazed that they have done that many laps already; 10 is a lot in anybody's lifetime let alone somebody of your age. No wonder you are in pain, it must be a horrendous mess in there.

Keep us updated with what's going on

C x


They are sending me home now, said they will call with the results of my swabs.

They have had me on a drip to get fluids in because I am not eating or drinking, because when I do it comes back up. I've been given paracetemol (IV and orally), morphene and they have been giving me Tramadol. Three types of anti-sickness which dont seem to be working because the pain is so bad.

Just so frustrated and feel so ill and down about everything.They are sending me home to be more comfortable with the same meds they would only give me here. And if I have to come back I will have to come back.

Just when things start to be looking up and I feel like I'm getting better I just get knocked back down again. Three weeks again I was at the Gym and feeling so well.

I'm scared if i have another operation because I have always had laparoscopy, but because of the amount of scaring around my belly button they will have to cut me open across my belly. I don't want another operations, but I want to be better again.

Thanks for replying its nice to be able to talk and rant about things.


I don't have anything helpful to offer other than to say that sounds awful :( I'm really sorry you feel like that and i hope they find something so that you are put on the right course of treatment. Have you ever considered going private? Even if just for consultation? This might be a step you want to consider as they have a far better knowledge (fed up of the NHS I went private). Quite often they can transfer you back to the NHS to do the surgery (this is what happened to me) and you keep the same consultant because they work for both private and NHS xxx


Considered going private all the time, but its just the cost of it. I'm seeing a good Doctor and the moment, who has been really supportive and helpful. She saw how much I have been suffering and after trying most things she has said to stick to the prostap for two years and if it works she will definatly know that the only option is a hysterectomy.

Getting some good rest at home at the moment. Nice to be in my own bed and in the quiet. Just have to wait for my results and hopefully its just an infection and I can just go back for the day for a treatment of anti-biotics.


so sorry to hear your news - I hope two days later, you are feeling better -don't forget, you have us

lots of hugs



Thought I'd give an update. So I waited three weeks for my results from the Hospital and I rang them everyday to find out if my results had been returned. I was obviously worried because I hadn't heard anything, but part of me thought it there was something wrong they would have called me. In the end it turned out the results had been sent to my Doctors and everythnig was fine.

Since then I have still been in pain, it comes and it goes in good and bad waves. After having a hospital apointment they have decided to keep me on the prostap injection for another three months to see if it has controlled my excessive bleeding and endometriosis. Seems a bit unproductve as I was told that I would be kept on it for two years. However, if it has not synced my body back to normal I will be back on them again. On a good note they are sending me to see a pain specalist to see if they can control the pain.

To end my dilemmas with something amusing, I went for my prostap injection yesterday and instead of having a four week injection I was allowed to have a 3 month injection. So as per usual I rolled my sleeve up and the doctor said, "What are you doing?". I said "Rolling my sleeve up for the injection". She replied, "You are not really meant to have it in your arm as it is more painful. You are meant to have it either in your leg or bottom".

This would explain why every four weeks my arm would swell so a little island appeared on my arm where I had an injection. So I will be feeling quite poo for the next few days, but I'm quite happy to be suffering for less time.


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