sickness with periods???

hi i have been diagnosed for 6 months now and have tried various tablets but the doctor is now going to start deceptatyl injections tomorrow. I came on violently last night and woke up in agony and not to be too graphic but covered.....sheets had to be striped and all. tonight im feeling really sick the smell of food anything makes me gag, also had severe diarrhoea. has anyone suffered with this? if so any ideas on how to stop the sicky feeling?

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  • Hi I'm sorry you've had this I asked the same thing last week. I managed with peppermint tea to settle my tummy, sipping coke eased the sicky feeling for a bit. I had sore throat so sucked halls soothers and tried to eat little and often sticking to bland food! Not very exciting but after a week it has eased off. I was also taking a lot of painkillers which I thought might have upset stomach so have only taken with meals rather than just a biscuit. I'm not sure if it just wore off or weather these things helped but I googled lots to find answers and sipping coke and the peppermint I read on several sites so definitely worth a try. I hope it eases soon as it's horrid but apparently neausea is another symptom of endo and I'm not the only one on here who has had it alongside period. X

  • Last week I was up three or four nights doubled over with nausea thinking I was going to be sick! Might be a coincidence it was the same week as my period, but dont think so! xx

  • I used to be sick quite frequently with my periods, and agree with the advice about peppermint tea and bland food. I found that rice-cakes were my friend. Now I have a mirena coil, so don't have periods and the nausea has stopped. Hope you feel much better soon.

  • Have also been sick with periods various times over the years :( as if you're not uncomfortable enough already! Generally worse the more pain i'm in, I get bad diarrhea every cycle!

  • Hi, I always feel really sick for the day before and the day of my period and the only thing that helps me is drinking ginger beer and it almost stops the sickness feeling instantly, or trying eating ginger nut biscuits that also helps. Hope you get some relief from the sickness as if we dont' have enough to deal with. x

  • i always find peppermint and chamomile teabags stewed strongly together really help me when I feel sick (and anxious). Had to do this last night as I was in agony and nauseous.... Hope all these tips help xx

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