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Problems since laparoscopy - feeling stressed/worried!

Hi all, I'm 8 weeks post lap today excision of endo and insertion of mirena coil and I still don't feel myself at all.

I'm feeling the benefits of the surgery however Everytime I wee or poo (sorry tmi) it hurts inside still pelvic area, across lower belly and into my groin and this week the pain has gotten worse I only feel this when I go the toilet otherwise it's fine apart from a little cramping from time to time. However, sex is incredibly uncomfortable it feels tight and sensitive and I instantly get cramping inside like bad period pain and sometimes bleed a little after. I had my coil checked and it's in place fine and my cervix looks healthy.

In my general health I feel terribly run down, I'm so exhausted no matter how much sleep I have, lightheaded, dizzy - especially when I stand up from bending down, hot flushes - my cheeks get so hot and red, suppressed appetite, headaches and a weird anxious feeling in my stomach.

I thought I'd be feeling better now but I feel worse, I suffer with health anxiety so it's freaking me out but I'm just fed up of feeling like crap everyday...does anyone have any insight to what might be happening?

Thanks a lot ladies xxx

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Hello, I completely understand how you feel, I go through so much pelvic pain , headaches, lightheaded, flare ups on the daily, and yes sex hurts aswell. I just had a laparoscopic surgery in May of this year and I honestly see no change in My pain at all. I understand you have anxiety, i do aswell it's hard to control the anxiety when there's so much going on with your body already with endometriosis. So try to remember you are strong and you'll get through it. Don't let endometriosis define who you are. Try to be positive. Endometriosis has taken a lot away fromy me like My job, My health of course, relationships, My looks but most of all it has made me even more stronger than I ever was. I hope you do feel better try to keep your mind busy with positive things, and if you have anxiety I always thought the adult colouring books help. Stay positive endo sister. Xxxx


Could be the mirena and its early days from surgery took me 6mnths to feel better put up with mirena for 18mnths then had it removed on a pill called qlaira has reduced bleeding better than coil but some side effects remain but lesser of two evils !


Hi, I felt similar to you after my op although I didnt get pain with sex. I had a 7 hour op to have my endo excised and to free by uterus from by bowel, although I didn't have the mirena fitted. I'm 17 weeks post op now but still feel a bit sore when I go to the toilet, almost like it's all pulling inside, but it's getting better. The surgeon said its just the wounds inside healing and to not expect to be 100 percent until about 6 months. I too was worried at 8 weeks but it's still early days and I do feel better now so hang on in there. However, don't put up with it if you're worried something just isn't right, get them to check if only for your own reassurance. Xx


Hi all, thanks for replying I really appreciate the support and advice! I'm definitely going back the doctors next week just because the pain feels worse this week rather than the same or better but I understand we're still healing etc but it was mainly the light headedness, niggling headaches etc which got me worried I have just felt off since the op and I can't seem to shake it at all it almost feels like I'm in a dream sometimes xxx


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