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Toilet problems - bowel & endo

To start - I know I have endo in my pouch of Douglas, and that my womb is stuck to my bowel.

Just had my weeks bleed off the pill, took 2 days to start, started off light pink !and by the 5th day it was very heavy and very fresh and basically up until day 7 it was just getting heavier and then I took my pill again and it's gone from pink to dark. (Now on day 3 of the pill). Only managed one bowel movement during my period which was fine, but after going to the toilet I had the stabbing pain whenever I Sat, walked with too much bounce in my step or anything of the sort. Usually this goes within a few hours so I thought nothing of it other than an inconvenience. That was day 4.. I haven't had a bm since but the pain is still there, I am massively constipated can't even pass gas! And when I do manage it just sparks up more pain! Today I tried to go, managed to get a little out but now I feel horrendously bloated - worse than before which I didn't think was possible I thought I'd reached my limit for non-food related bloat haha. And I also feel very sick and have a massive headache with heavy eyes. I struggled to get to sleep last night as every time I moved I felt pain but I still did manage and was hoping they pain would be gone by the time I woke.

I've had a hot drink in the hopes it helps move things along (as that's what a dietician told me like 2 years ago when it was still absurd for my problems to be gyne related as it had been dismissed by the gyne)

I just want to know other people's experiences with similar endo spots, and also some advice would be amazing haha I also want to know if I should ask about the chances of endo being inside my bowels.. as I've always had so many problems with my bowels etc from fissures, to not going for weeks at a time and more recently what I believe to be a hemerrhoid or however you spell it.. as it popped out and surprised me about 2 weeks ago as I felt when I wiped... and then again in the bath as something felt funny down below.. I feel like although this lap has helped with diagnosis... I haven't felt any relief from what they did remove and many of my problems have gotten so much worse especially involving my bowel.

I'm just so tired of it all now 😣

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To add... my lower back pain is absolutely horrendous over the past month or so and I've also developed this pain under my ribs that gets worse in the run up to my period to the point where it hurts to breath or move when I lie down... Sometimes also sitting is a problem but I don't get the chest pain when I am up and about. I wanted to go doctors about it all but even with my endo diagnosis they don't take me seriously so I am waiting for my endo clinic app.


Hi, sorry to hear that you are in such pain. Constipation can be dangerous as well as painful. Are you taking anything for it? Sound like you need more than a hot drink...

I used to suffer from bad constipation related to endo (in similar places to you) and allowing it to happen just made the pain worse. So under the advice of a doctor I now take a regular stool softener. It stops me getting constipated in the first place and really reduces the pain. There are different kinds of laxatives, so good to get advice about what is best for you. A pharmacist can probably advise.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hey, it's so horrible I really feel for you! I've only very recently been diagnosed with endo and was told I have a nodule (wasn't told where but am assuming rectal vaginally) also I have severe endo on the outside of my bowel and 3 patches on my pouch of douglas (that they could see). I'm being referred to a specialist who will perform a colonoscopy to see if it's penetrated my bowel.

My symptoms are really similar to yours. I don't know if this differs from you but I can be constipated for months then have bad diarrhoea for months. although having a dodgy tummy is becoming more frequent. I have some pain in my bottom most of the time but when I'm on my period it is unbearable. It is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and I really dread my periods because of it. It's the same as you though even passing wind is excruciatingly painful. I have to try and breath through bowel movements (honesty like I'm giving birth!) but it can be too painful, to the point where I'm shaking and sweating in pain and my body just won't let me do it. I get blood after a bm too which looks like period blood but this happens any time of the month. I think the pain under the ribs is caused by gas, I get this too and my ribs feel bruised to the touch. I also get really bad lower back pain and was told I have costachondritis (causes chest pain and breathlessness) but I'm wondering if this is endo related instead 🤔

To help constipation I drink prune juice to start off with. If that doesn't work I'll try Fibre Fruits (I buy them from Tescos) then my last resort is Dulcoease (stool softener). My bowel is really sensitive and can suddenly turn so I'm really careful when taking things that can have a laxative effect.

I hope you get some relief soon.



I feel for you ladies, my symptoms are so similar! I find the old fashioned hot water bottle provides slight relief, I have found suppositories help. I struggle with pain medication making the constipation worse (although it’s not really constipated it feels more like it’s stuck- hence why the suppositories work). I dread periods and only bleed with bowel movement and feel super sore downstairs. It’s so strange you say about the rib pain LouLouT- I get this and the breathlessness, have you found anything that helps?


I have bowel issues and it’s just awful. The stabbing pain is unbearable. I e started taking Ortis fruit cubes. You can get them in Holland and Barrett and Tesco. They are all natural and make going so much easier x


I feel you you sound like me when I was told to go on the pill continuously it was hell 😮 Maybe speak to your doctor about another alternative 🤔 I've heard prune juice and alovera juice are good laxatives 🤔 I'm always nearly constipated or have blood in my stool or its dark and hard but never like to take laxatives I had a bad experience last time I did I'm currently seeing the doctor about it anyway theres a chance I might have something else gastro wrong 😮 I'm sorry for what you are going through 😭


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