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Can't feel my mirena coil strings? Feeling pretty fed up and confused, any advice? :(

Hey ladies, it's me again..

So I had my mirena coil fitted on 15th and thought I'd try to feel for the strings now that I'm not feeling so swollen from the lap. I've had a good feel but I can't feel anything, so now I'm feeling pretty confused! The gyne didn't really explain how/where to feel, but I've tried my best (sorry if TMI, but I'm still a little swollen inside from all the lasering they done).

Is it possible that it's still in place and I'm just not feeling it? How would I know if it's come out?

Thanks for all your help!

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Depending on when it is in the month I have a regular panic :)

Sometimes those strings disappear completely, but then the next week, there they are.

A nurse at your GP surgery can check for you. The strings might have been cut a bit short. If the worst comes to the worst they can scan you to check it's still in place.

Good luck!

C x


Thanks Chrissie! I'm going to check again this evening, hopefully I'll be able to locate them haha :) x


I've had mine since march and I have only been able to feel it once or twice !

I have a tilted uterus which apparently makes it difficult to feel, perhaps you do too? Or as the Chrissie above says, the strings could be cut short.

My partner can feel the strings, so if you have someone who can check for you that may help. May be TMI or too personal but just ask as a passing comment after sex maybe ?

Try not to worry, but you can always see your nurse every month to check


Thanks Lollie, I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling! I managed to feel one last night, but I might pop back to the nurse and see if she has any tips on finding them :)


I can only feel one of mine which is normal apparently ( i find them easier to find after a shower as I'm a bit more relaxed)


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