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Feeling confused

After 3 years of pain and being back and forth to the doctors, scans tests they think I have endometriosis. At the minute they have just put me on more contraceptive pills to try stop my monthly cycle I also have the coil fitted I've only been on them for just over a week. But I have found since taking them it's making the pain worse and doctors have told me to take painkiller for the pain but they don't help and I don't want to be taking loads of painkillers everyday as it's not health too. This is ruining my life :( in general and with my partner as I am always in pain. I'm feeling lost and fed up and just want to feel like me again.

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Hi, have you been referred to a gyne doc, perhaps you should request a laparoscopy to see what's going on in there, what are your symptoms and when do you get them??

I've got my first laporoscopy tomorrow, to hopefully confirm endo and excise any that's found, my gyne was great, I've had loads of test and scans nothing's shown up, but he thinks it's endo or adenomyosis,

Google luck. Xxx


Good luck even, lol


Hi Angie I feel your pain Hun but you are not alone and please don't let it ruin your life. I know I've been there and still am at times when my pain is do bad like it was earlier this week. Please keep going, I find gentle exercise, reading and writing a personal journal helps me take back some control over this horrible disease. Anytime you want to chat please massage me. Take care Julie x


Aah bless you. Sorry to hear u having trouble with pain, I was the same many years ago ( I'm 36 now) but had endo finally diagnosed when I was 21! The pill gave me pain too but they have to try everything as not everybody will react the same. Unfortunatley the only way to diagnose you as having Endometriosis is through Laparoscopy. Has anyone mentioned having one to you?


Hi all sorry for such a late reply. I suffer from the pain every day and barely have a break from it painkillers only seem to mildy reduce the pain but I can still feel it. I went for a scan where they found a large cyst on my left ovary and two small ones on my right ovary so they got me to go back for another scan 6 weeks later. The left ovary was clear but the two cysts on my right ovary have shown no signs of going which is why they have presumed it's endometriosis. They talked about looking at booking me to see a gyno then said they don't want to do that yet and for me to try the pill instead. I am struggling to sleep now I'm always tired and have no energy through out the day. Thank you for all your comments.


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