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Advice please not sure how much more I can take

Hi everyone, I last had surgery in 2013 its was extensive surgery. They inserted the mirena coil stating I would be a new women .... any way it has helped with blood loss .. but in the last 16 months my skin has been horrendous like acne which I have never had before I also had to have B12 injections since surgery due to my bowel. I have had pain still you know what its like still dragging yourself out of bed etc for work to look after the kids, the last few months when on my periods the most horrendous pain in my bowel area like my insides are going to fall out!! Then after my period the pain becomes much less .... but this month I noticed a lump tender/ bulge maybe I attended the GP ... she was quite rude and said what do you want me to do about it - which upset me I'm a nurse myself and would never speak to someone like this. Any the GP just referred me back tot he hospital which is the end of sept ... I wasn't happy I went back saw the nurse practitioner she prescribed antibiotics for an anal abscess thinking with the pain and tender lump and surgery there at this point neither the GP or nurse have examined me other than the nurse touching this lump - she said not to worry about this lump as it was tender and we only worry about lumps that we don't know are there.

I'm all anxious once again wondering now what! - I have finished the antibiotics and still have the tender/hard lump which feels more like a muscle now ....

She said keep an eye on the strings of the mirena - any way the consultant never said that they had to be checked every month. I had my smear last month came back clear - I checked for my strings and the walls of the vagina feels so hard ... this might so stupid but I'm so worried do any of you ladies experience the walls of the vagina being so hard?

Im worried that it may be something much more serious?

Or maybe a prolapse rectal?

Any advice or experience of this - Im just so tired of riding the battle since the age of 11 now 31 x


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