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More bad luck & feeling really down- don't know how much more I can take :(

Hi ladies,

I need a bit of a rant because at the moment I'm crying my eyes out & don't know how much more I can take. Just seems not a day goes by at the moment where I'm not having some kind of bad luck- my endo pain has been getting worse recently- I'm due on my period & for the last few days I've been having agonising cramps & bowel spasms like never before. They've sometimes been so painful that I'm crying out & the doctor told me just to "increase meds to every 4 hours" which isn't helping. Last week i had to go to the drs because I've had a horrible ear/nose/throat infection which wont go away, even though they gave me antibiotics & I've got yet another kidney infection which won't go away. Then to top it all off a couple of days ago I dislocated my right thumb (I have hypermobility & weak bones so am prone to dislocation & fractures) it popped into place again, so I thought it would be fine. Last night it dislocated again so I ended up in a&e, they did an xray & it also showed that I had somehow broken one of the little bones in my hand & they think I have ripped the tendon, so now I am in a special splint & having to go back to fracture clinic. I already have to wear a splint on my left arm because of damage from a few years ago & birth defects, so basically I cant use either of my arms for much (trying to type with one finger so this is taking ages) & I'm just so unbeleivably frustrated & upset. Usually I try to keep cheerful but I've been in tears most of the day because I'm in so much pain & feeling generally really down. My partner is having to help me with so much already & i just feel so horribly guilty for putting all of this on him- he's such a kind, caring guy & I'd be lost without him, but I feel like such a burden because of all this. I just don't know how much more bad luck I can really take :'( anyway, rant over. Hope you are all well & pain free today ladies. Thanks for reading

Jes xxx

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You poor love. You really are having more than your fair share at the mo.

Sending you lots of hugs X


Thankyou very much hun, hope you are well today :)

big hugs xxx


Hi Jes,

I just wanted to say I empathise! I am having a rubbish time not only with endo and bowel pain but I also have hypermobility. I think i might have done something to my shoulder but I just get sent to physio which makes it worse! It really seems to get on top of you doesn't it :( I'm having one of those horrible days too. I hope you don't feel as alone now. Get a good sleep and take on tomorrow as a new day :)



Hi hun,

Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry you're having a horrid time :( sounds like you shouldn't be having physio if it makes it worse- have they done any scans or xrays? Hope your shoulder gets better soon hun. Thanks for understanding though- bad days are horrible & it helps having support of others who know what it's like. I don't feel so alome now so thankyou honey :) yeah gonna try & get a good nights sleep tonight & hopefully we will both have a better day tomorrow! :)

Big hugs hun xxx


No scans or X-rays, just 'you've got joint hypermobility' just take painkillers and have physio. Got another physio appt next week so going to demand a scan and say how bad it's been! It's hard when you've got multiple health issues to deal with isn't it!!

I hope you have a better day tomorrow too! Hopefully in a few weeks you will look back and think how much better you're feeling.

Hugs :) xxx


No wonder you are feeling down !! And it's ok to have times when you just have not got the energy to be cheerful. We are human beings and your body is fighting pain, which will make you are also losing mobility in your hands,which must be frustrating. Plus your body is fighting infection !! So with all this no wonder you feel like having a good cry. I truly understand why you feel guilty and a burden because I feel like that to, but that's how we see ourselves,not how others see you.

Like you said your partner is a kind man so he will understand,I'm a stranger and I understand !! You are under tremendous pressure with it all. So have a good cry, rest as much as you can and know that it's ok !!......... To feel how you feel.

Much love to ya xx


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