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Advice please on how to take Mebeverine and stronger antispasmodic tablets?



I had used Buscopan and got used to too much and tried Mebeverine but I am not satisfied with it very much. I can only take one tablet 3 times a day of Mebeverine. I still have to take strong NSAIDs tablets in the between and waking up in pain in the middle of night. This is about the same pain / pain free level as when I was taking Buscopan.

I am new to take Mebeverin and my GP didn't really explain that I had to take it 20 minutes before the meal which learnt from the paper in the tablets' box. Well this is IBS tablets and is this instruction for IBS people only and do we not have to follow this? Could you tell me when you take Mebeverine tablets?

Does anyone recommend any antispasmodic tablet stronger than Buscopan or Mebeverine? I hate taking tablets and in my bad day I take about 10 tablets a day which I really hate. At the moment I have to take one migraine prevention tablet every night so I would like to reduce tablets for endo. I am looking for a medichine that I can take 3 - 4 times a day for endo would be acceptable.

I am looking forward to pain and tablet free day! Please help:)

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yes i take mebeverine and buscopan as well... i find it easier to take the mebeverine in the mornings 20 mins before breakfast as it make it work and if you are new to it and it take time to work as it did for me and it helps the spasm to work... if it doesnt your tummy swells up as i did as i looked 6 months pregnant but i wasnt as it was my spasm wasnt functioning and the tablet helps and i thought i try out buscopan in the evenings along with my vitamin of magnesium eating between meal and it sometimes work for me but it helps in a way a lot... as i get bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea a lot... through stress, nerves and anxiety... so i am trying to control that... i know you are looking forward to painfree day and it never work as i have been there and tried.... it best to stay on tablet and make it better than suffering without tablet if you have ENDO...



hi again

sorry i forgot to mention when i get bad and i can take imodium instant (which take the tablet on tongue and melt in your mouth) which very very good and very helpful and you are allowed to take it as it is good for IBS Sufferers...



shukudai in reply to tinker241

Hi tinker241, Thanks for your replies. I had a couple of bad day and couldn't replay sooner.

I started to take Mebeverine about 20mins before meals. This morning I got up to go to the loo a bit earlier than usual but before going back to bed I took one tablet as I thought I might forget it if I don't. I took it about 5.30am. My breakfast time is about 6.30am. My lunch time at work is 12.30 so I start thinking to take tablet when it is12pmish. However my stomach was started giving me severe pain and I couldn't speak nor move from the fridge in the office and eventually one of my collegue found me in pain and brought me a chair and sat me down. If she didn't I would have fainted.

Most of my colleague knows that I have severe pain even though some people doesn't know in detail, they just leave me alone when I am in pain which I asked before as I don't know what they can do for me.

I take NSAIDs tablets in between time of Mebeverine. I don't know what else I could take. I have dense adhesion in my pelvic area which endo is triggering to making spasming, so I understand. I take NSAIDs for endo pain and Mebeverine for spasm pain.

I don't get diarrhoea so maybe Imodium is not for me though... I feel nausea from taking many tablets...

Thanks for sharing your experience.

that strange as i was taking 3 times a day at first month and then down to one a day and it helps for me now... i feel so bad that you were suffering and did you go back to the GP about it as she might be able to help to find something better... also i take buscopan which ease down the stomach cramps better... if you do get those?? i do hope you get painfree... not to worry about replying a bit later as i do understand ok xx

shukudai in reply to tinker241

Hi I had another nearly fainting moment on Friday.

I am taking Mebeverine at 6am, Naproxen at 9am but an unbearable pain came at 11:30am. The pain was threatening to come so I was warming my hot cushion in the office microwave to ease the pain. However I couldn't move from there as the pain was so bad and one of my old colleague noticed that I didn't open the microwave door after its beeped. She brought her chair for me and I managed to sat down.

There were two staff who has never seen me in pain like this before and they were really worried. I can't go like this. My colleague and managers are really understanding my situation but I need to do something about it.

I am taking Mebeverine and Naproxen 3 times a day taking in turn between 6am and 9pm so I am taking one or the other every 3 hours so I don't have to digest a lot at once (well this wasn't GP's instruction. I made it up as when I had to take many tablet at once before I got sick. Maybe I don't think I can digest a lot of tablet at once?) However I still get unbearable pain before 12pm. I get stabbing pain and heavy dull ache throughout the day.

I had Buscopan before for a couple of years which used to work. Buscopan is really good medicine though. I used to have one tablet 3 times a day and had to increase 2 tablets 4 times a day quite soon. Last few months it stop working and I was in pain a lot and that's why my consultant in the hospital told me to change the anti-spasm medicine. I got used to it unfortunately. He told me to ask GP about it as they are better at it. I asked here first and a quiet few people are using Mebeverine so I asked GP for it.

I've decided to go back to GP next week to talk about my medication.

I am grand you managed to reduce the medication. I am looking forward to that one day!

Take care!

aww bless you suffering that bad friday... good for you to go back to your GP and it is not fair for you to suffer... are you on any medication like mini pill, combined pill, coil or depo injection? as i am on depo injection and it been far better than i was on the mini pill as they were making suffer so much with food digestion and it was awful as i cannot eat much so since been on depo injection and i can eat food better than i was a year ago... i tried the coil and been on it for 6 months and i suffered that badly so i begged the emergency gynae to get it out of me... then i felt relieved in the end... i only take buscopan 1 a day which at the evenings which it does help a bit but i hate taking tablets to be honest... i do suffer bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea if i have anxiety or stressed and get nervous sometimes..

what kind of Endo have you got? mild to moderate or that severe?? i have my endo in pouch of douglas for last 3 years since i was diagnosed and i had check up and then i havent been for a check up for over a year now... but the depo injection is helping me at the mo but i get awfully tired a lot... at the mo i am feeling crap as got cold, cough and tiredness... at work is stressing me out at the moment as doing too much... work long hours... grrr..

hope you are ok after yesterday?


shukudai in reply to tinker241

Hi tinker241, Thanks I was bit better yesterday. I usually have a few better days before my period is due so my worst days is over for this cycle.

I am not at hormone medication at the moment. I had a 3 months Zoladex last year and exactly 4 weeks after the last injection my cycle started with bad pain. After that I was on Cerazzette for a few months and then Micronor which are both mini pill. Mini pill doesn't do anything good to me just made me bleed most of the day until my period come.

My consultant thinks I have more pain from adhesion to endo pain as Zoladex didn't give me much relief afterwards. Last appointment in April he took me off from hormone treatment which kind of relived me as I would just bleed and not doing any good to me. I am having MRI after the bank holiday and he is going to give me a laparoscopy in the Summer and see so we can discuss what the next step is. I had laparoscopy in 2011 by different doctor and she only found dense adhesion in my pelvic area and didn't actually find any endo bits. From my symptom, she thought I could have endo between my adhesion and bowel. If only I could have a say under general anathetic, I would have said check that adhesion!

My current consultant is pretty sure now that I have endo as I lost some pain during Zoladex (about 2 months). Every injection gave me 1kg and it haven't gone away! I usually have bleeding after bowel movement only between a couple of days before and during my period. So he said my endo is possibly gone into my bowel.

I wish someone make Zoladex without side effect and I could continue until I go into menopause!

I thought about the coil but if I have it they are not going to remove it easily if I have bad reaction from so I was leaving it... I am sorry to hear that you had bad experience. I can't take the combined pill as I have migraine with aura. My pain does get worse when I am stressed. But it is difficult not to be stressed when I am in pain though! I hope your stressed time goes quickly and your cold gets better soon. I eat 2 kiwi fruits a day with yoghurts and I don't think I had bad cold last winter.(I usually have a terrible flu every Christmas! but not last Christmas)

Take care.

hi there

been on cerazette and micronor too and didnt do well on those as i bleed every single day grrrr.. even tried the other 2 mini pills and last straw is the depo injection and i can eat better now than i was on the mini pills...

i do hope you get the answer for where the Endo is... it horrible to have the Endo on your bowel and the movement is terrible for me unless i control it by eating proper food...

it is not easy to relax at all and i get stressed and trying not to be... then if i do i have bad stomach cramps in the mornings which i dont need as i have before i go to work or i get it during work but always in the mornings and sometimes it happened after work or evening... it bloody awful sorry to say the language...

the last time i had flu was 1995 (touch wood) all i had at the moment is bad cold or sore ears... it is good to have fruits and it good to have bananas as it good for the bowel and it works as i didnt eat bananas for a long time.. i went back on it for the last few months now.. having orange is bad for me... but i have satsumas (small orange) which is better than having orange or orange juice which i love but cannot take it as my stomach goes weird...

i feel sorry for people who get migraines with any pills and i dont get any at all... havent put on weight at all... i think my body weird to be honest lol..

so hope you are ok today...

Tinker xx

shukudai in reply to tinker241

Mini pill makes you bleeding, doesn't it? I am glad you can eater better with the depo injection. What kind of injection are you taking? I don't seem to have any particular food which aggravates my pain. I get pain anyway and it is getting worse and worse. I thought warming my body would do me good and have a hot bath and it will relax me but the pain could come during my relaxed bath and ruined my relaxed evening...

Since I was pregnant, I disliked fruits juice. I love fruits but not juice. I didn't like dried fruits before pregnancy but now I can eat a cereal bar with dried fruits in it. So I lost one and gained one.

I put a hand warmer pack on my tummy but the pain is still as bad. Oh lucky you that you don't have migraine. I rarely have migraine when I have tummy pain but when I have both at same time, it is the worst hell! I really get nauseous from migraine and when my tummy hurts I feel so sick from pain!

My period started and I have been getting breathlessness and chest pain recently. I posted a new question about my chest pain. This breathlessness and chest pain with period is getting painful... I wonder if my Endo is spreading to the diaphragm...

Well in a few days, when my heavy days over, I should feel better than last two week. I should be (SHOULD BE) pain free for some time, until my ovulation pain comes :(

I don't think your body is weird, everybody's body is unique!

Take care.

yes some mini pills does bleed and some dont... but it wasnt doing me good with foodwise as it was digestive problem and ended up bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea... i am taking Depo-Provera Injection which does help a lot for me... but it does get me down to be honest.. i need a break that i am full of energy but at the moment i dont...

ah that nice that you were pregnant and how many kids have you got? and i havent got any at the mo but i am a bit too late now to have babies as i am 40...

at the moment i have no period none whatsoever but feels fab not to have any pains or anything but i do get stomach cramps and diarrhoea due to stressed and anxiety or eating the wrong food...

i am sorry to hear that you get it bad and hope you are ok for this weekend...

yes you are right everybody's body are unique which who have different kind of pains or nothing..

i am feeling shitty with this damn cold and ended up getting medication for it which is nose drop and i hope it does work at the moment i have no energy but managed to do my ironing earlier... hehe... now rest for the day and weather is nice but cant be arsed to go outside as yesterday i was freezing all flipping day... ended up having a hot bath which made me a bit warmer but it was that windy and it made me cold again... grrr....

so hope you are ok today


Have you tried a food diary, and/or cutting foods out of your diet? I cut out gluten (discovered by mistake) and lost loads of weight only get bloated now at time of period but not too much even then. Doesnt help with pain of endo but its one less thing to worry about. I have read endo sufferers ars more Likely to have food intolerances

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