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Feeling very low today

Hi Everyone,

I'm now nearly eight months post op of ovarian drilling and treatment of endometriosis, I'm stage 2. I've still not fallen pregnant sadly, I have been told I should of by now. I've been back to my consultant who recommended a day 21 progesterone test, to see if I'm ovulating or not? I get the results today😔, if I have ovulated I will be having IVF as its unexplained fertility but if I haven't they will be giving medication to boost my ovaries.

Today I took a Pregnacy test as my period is 3 days late and I'm usually very regular but sadly it was negative😢

I feel so guilty on my fiancé like I'm letting him down, of cause he tells me I'm not but I can't help feeling this way. Generally I try to stay positive but it's now 2.5yrs down the line and I'm tired.

Sorry for negative post just one of those days!


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ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! And if you fiance is same as me HE KNOWS IT TOO.

Please dont forget you always have options of adoption and surrogacy and kid would be lucky to have you guys as parents

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Thank you for your kind words mean a lot! He's a great guy and tells me that but nice to hear it from someone else and someone who's been through it. Good luck with yours and your wife's journey and we would definitely do surrogacy or adapt😊


I am in the same position as you and also feel very down. It has been 6 months since my op for endo and still nothing. We have been trying for nearly 3 years and I've lost all hope now :(


@RCO1 I'm so sorry to hear your also going through this and really do understand your pain. Have you been back to your consultant? Mine said after 6months of trying post op I should book into see him, if I haven't fallen pregnant. I have just had my test results back and it showed I did ovulate, so it will be a referral for IVF, as I should of fallen by now, he called it unexplained fertility. I've just about got my head around it now and ready for the next stage although I won't lie when I saw the results I was very emotional, I never thought it would come to this! Here for you for any questions you have, hold on in there there is still hope for us, we just may need a little more help! Xx


I have been to the doctors and was put on clomid due to potential ovulation issues. So I'm on my second round of that but not holding much hope.

I do hope we both get the result we are praying for soon!


RC01 Thank you, wishing you so much luck with your journey!


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