Lethargic and very low

Hi all I posted a few days ago about feeling down with it all, but now I'm so fatigued, I can hardly do anything, I'm getting intermittent temperatures which I have had for a while, my go has put it down to the endo, but I'm not so sure, has anyone else felt this way?, my whole body literally aches, I'm so fed up feel like everyone is getting fed up with me ...

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  • Have you been checked for Lupus? This can cause chronic fatigue and temps. It's more common in endo suffers. X

  • Really, I hadn't heard that before, that's a scary thought, it never seems to end x

  • Exhaustion will come and go with me with days that i am just hanging on tge sofa with no energy what so ever. It is exhausting and makes me feel quite sad. I dont have temperature, but i am always quite hot and sweaty.

  • Hi. There seems to be a large group of us ladies with endo who suffer fatigue, of varying degrees. i suffered with mild fatigue for years (but thought this was normal), which I believe was a symptom of my undiagnosed endo. I didn't realise until recently fatigue can purely be a symptom of endometriosis.

    3 years after diagnosis in 2013, I had a strange virus. Had headaches, temperatures/ low grade fevers, tinnitus, constant pains behind my eyes, nausea and awful fatigue. After several weeks realised I wasn't getting any better and after a few months of testing I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or M.E.)

    I'm not saying this is what you have, but I read about a lot of ladies who have endo and have also gone on to develop CFS or fibromyalgia. Just thought it was worth mentioning... Especially if you have symptoms other than fatigue X

  • Thanku for replying that sounds exactly what I'm experiencing, I've been to the doctor this morning and have had blood tests, just waiting for results in the next few days x

  • Good to get all the obvious culprits checked. I too suffer chronic fatigue and it seems to be incredibly common for us endo ladies sadly.

  • Thanks ladies, it just feels like one thing after another, hoping it will improve , just having a few bad days I suppose. X

  • Dr phoned today I have an over active thyroid , so need medication for it , that's why I'm feeling so awful, has anyone had this with endo before? Yet another thing to add to the list........x

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