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feeling a little disheartened

I'm feeling a little disheartened right now.

my endo was diagnosed by my previous gynae's registrar after analysing my symptoms my scan results etc, she told me then back in June that I could have the chance of a lap to see if they could remove it.

I saw the actual gynae in September who told me that the reason I had endo was because I'm fat and that there was nothing that could be done it was something I'd have to live with she said there was no surgery available to me and that i would have to just manage the pain.

I've moved house since then and my new GP has referred me to a new gynae, the reason I'm so disheartened is because a friend has only been showing endo symptoms for a short while and as soon as she sees her gynae he tells her she can have a lap straight away and is booked in for pre op assessment today the day after her appointment.

I know that a lap might not solve the problems but its an option I want open to me and I certainly don't need telling that endo is something I have to live with.

Today I have a meeting with HR at work where I know I will be losing my job because of having to take time off sick because of this, there are days like most on here that I cant even stand to wash the dishes. sadly the days I am like this are every day at the moment.

Sorry all for rambling but this is the only place I can do this.

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Please be strong and see a new endo gynae straight away. It will make a difference to have someone that knows about endo and what you've been through..

I feel so annoyed and speechless that you've been told that you have endo cause you are fat.

God, this is so wrong and outrageous, endo has nothing to do with weight I can assure you that we are all sort of women and all shapes in this site!!

Being overwei can make some issues a bit harder etc but believe me endo can happen to any woman no matter if she is skinny or curvy etc etc

Try to see the new name as soon as possible an if you can afford go private to an endo specialist.

Best of luck

Jo x


Thank you Jo, I was beginning to wonder if this was a normal reaction from a so called specialist,

i have skinny friends who have endo and i also have curvy friends like me who have endo, so i know its not my fault and that it can happen to anyone.

my new gynae appointment is 3rd december so im hoping that i get some better help then



Hi there. Sorry to hear you are suffering. I too am larger and suffer with Endo. My life stopped last year. Massive cyst developed and eventually after an 8 month wait I had a lap. If I knew now what I knew then........

I think my weight was an issue for having the op. I'm not massive but carry a few extra stone than I should. Sadly during the op I suffered a lot of complications. by a lot I mean on entry where they put the port they caught my epigastric vein due to accessing. Was repaired and op continued. 2 and a half hours later I was critically ill in recovery. I lost 6.5 pints of blood and very nearly lost my life having needed resuscitation. I needed a further life saving op. I think that my weight hindered the op and looking back I was not fit enough for my body to undergo such a toll. If I had my time again I'd have tried to lose weight and get fit and lots of fresh air. That day I was a drain on hospital resources, staff, and other ops were cancelled to save me. I am of course indebted to the team who saved me.

I know its hard cos I've battled with my weight but I would not wish this last year I've had on anyone and I can understand why the doctors are cautious to operate. Its tough but even losing 10% can help greatly. Have you asked how much you need to lose for them to do op?? Thinking of you. X


they havent actually said how much i need to lose, i am currently under the dietician at my local gp and hope to lose at least some weight, exercise is difficult i can barely stand to wash the dishes never mind undertake a fitness plan, on a good day i walk as much as i can, i live in the country so there are lots of nice places to walk, but as i say thats on a good day, i understand the docs are cautious, ive been in an emergency situation before because of ulcerative colitis i was in theatre for 12 hours, sedated for 48 and in intensive care for a further 3 days that was several years ago now and i definitely dont want to be back there again, nor do i want to be an emergency op because of the cysts that i have on both of the ovaries.

i guess its just a wait and see game but would just love to feel better sometime soon. for the past 10 years + i have been treated for kidney infections ive been admitted to hospital and rushed to a&e and the whole time pumped full of antibiotics etc and it hasnt been a kidney infection its been the bloody endo, its hardly surprising that on kidney scans nothing showed up. x


I was seven and a half stone when I was diagnosed with endo. I am usually on the side of the doctors when it comes to endo, because even now so little is known about it, but if that gynae honestly thinks that it's caused by being overweight she needs reporting. That's appalling :o

Also - although symptoms might indicate it, endo can only be properly diagnosed via a lap, there is no blood test for it and it doesn't show up on scans

Unfortunately however they are reluctant to operate if you are slightly overweight. That's nothing to do with the endo, it's because it generally makes things more difficult. Until they get in there and actually determine that you do have endo, and the scale of it, there's no way they can decide that there's no surgical treatment available for you.

Good luck at your next appointment

C xxx


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