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Feeling extremely low

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I am just looking for support and for anyone who is experiencing the same as me. This is the 4th day in a row I have not gone in to work due to pain and exhaustion, and I have my lap next month to diagnose me with possible endo. Symptoms at the moment are shooting pains down my left side, pelvic pains, lower back pains, and I've had period pains nearly daily for months now (pain differs from twangs to deep severe aches, sometimes it feels like my organs are trying to turn inside out, slow twisty pain) I also suffer with quite bad pains when going to the toilet, shooting pains towards my bottom and I'm lucky to pass now without any pain or without crying (I also get shooting pains up to hours afterwards) - at times this then triggers period pains! Where does it end.

Right now I'm facing serious fatigue, I wake up feeling like I could sleep a whole nights sleep again and am facing leaving work due to it being too active, I find walking up and down the stairs all day brings on pelvic pains and much more. This is really unlike me and I'm finding it hard to cope with on top of the awkwardness it has caused with my career.

Apologies for the mega moan just wanted to see if anybody experiences the same fatigue issues where you feel like a walking corpse and can barely concentrate on anything?

Currently on the pill not taking a break for bleeds (as I bled for near 7 months straight) and right now I would've been 'on' so would explain the lows I'm feeling.

Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts you may have X

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Hi, I feel the same and worry about feeling so low all the time lately. Everything is an effort. My pain and other issues ( bladder) are getting me down. I'm also on the pill without a break but thinking of coming of it as I'm so much in pain anyway it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I try to keep myself busy as I am unable to work at the moment but I find I just don't have the energy to do things I want to. Pain zaps my energy and I just want to lie down and cry. Please don't think you are alone take some me time and don't feel guilty about having time off. No one gets the disease it's so dehabiltating and it's not the just the physical pain we have to deal with but I have come to realise that it's also also effects our emotional state. Do something for you today, watch your fav programmes and just rest. Women always feel like we have to just get on with things and sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and say stop. If other people don't like it tough they aren't the ones going through it. Take care and don't be so hard on your self.xx


Hi Samy thank you for your kinds words, I agree that people do not get it, some of the questions people have asked me recently are ridiculous. I definitely think the issues with my bowels are getting me particularly down, as you understand. I am currently scared to go toilet! I'm going to take your advice and do something for myself today, I hope your condition gets better and you find a treatment which helps you lead a happier life. Xx

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Hi Hidden thank you for the advice. I have been on supplements since my horrendous bleed and so I do think I need that big change to have an impact, I've always tried to eat well but I think I need to take it to the next step. Def going to look into a specialist diet. Thank you! X


Endo diagnoses at age of 17 after burst ovarian cyst had 5 more cyst operations since then. U are not alone, every month I have to take at least 2 days off work.. Including today.. Q me on here looking for some support and to know I'm not alone (luckily my employers are understanding and allow me to catch up on work at home or at weekends, as long as I get my work done, which in a way makes me work harder as I want to prove this disease will not beat me). The first 2 days r horrendous, the pain is what I imagine labour to be like on all 4's husband rubbing back, drugged up and heat pad, puffing and panting, wishing I had some gas and air.. Then there is the tiredness but also not being able to sleep.. There's the physical tiredness when ur head doesn't even feel tired but the body is just so weak and I also get hormonal palpitation which make me feel even worse..

When not my time of the month my pelvis when walking gets so sore as if there is a weight on it. I have been going to Physio for this where she feels my pelvis is misaligned and my sacroiliac joint is irritated.. I do find her working on this helps my pain a lot..

There are so many different painkiller combinations, including amytripline which can also be used as an antidepressant, sleeping tablet but when builds up in the system can help with pain..

Hopefully u have as good support as I have, husband is amazing.. Work are understanding and have finally found a doctor who is sympathetic and doesn't just rubbish my symptoms as period pains..


Hi Karaob31 Your message came at the most perfect time, as today I dragged myself in and the pelvic pains have gradually got worse, each time the tube jolted i had to take a deep breath. Thank you for your support. I have tramadol now and although work is understanding it definitely does not suit the needs of my illness. Hopefully my lap next month gives me the answers I need. I have a great support network via my family. I hope you have a well rested day xx


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