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Feeling very emotional

Hi everyone I am new, I got diagnosed with possible 'endo' few months ago, after years of unexplained pain. I had my lacoroscopy 2 weeks ago today wich confirmed I have it, majority of it was removed. Im finding it really hard to accept. I have a little boy aged 4, and for the past 3months iv basically been bed bound. Im in so much pain and so high off medication ive not been a 'fun mum' for a while. Ive had to take sick off work and put my weight loss goals on hold. For once in my life I was at a stage in my life where everything was going great. Then I was struck with chronic pain. Like I said previously im 2 weeks post op, 5 days after my op I felt pain free! I woke up positive and full of energy, so of course I did the house work and everything else you can imagine because I felt normal, anyway 3 days into feeling 'normal' and im struck with pain again!! Ive been doctors apparently im on my feet too soon, its been 2 days of popping pills and resting!! I feel so low and isolated. My partner has been great in all this but he works 2 jobs and can only do so much. I know iv ranted on but I needed to release. sorry. :(

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Hi darling, sorry your suffering it's horrid not being able to be mum. I know that feeling well, although my youngest is 11 so alittle bit off hand,

But you have got to take it as easy as you can, you have had surgery and your inside have been pulled around and are sore,

Where was your endo found and removed from,

Be kind to yourself the more you rest the better of you will be,

If you do continue to experience endo pain after your recovery please gat a refferal to a bsge specialist centre all the best

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Thanks for your responce I really appreciate it. The endo was found in my jotted around in my utrious area and vaginal canal too.. They said they removed majority of it, but not all if it because some of it is not that advanced. 5 days after my op I felt amazing! After spring cleaning finally after months of bed rest a trip to the park, even help a friend move, then I bumped my tummy with the washing basket since then iv felt deep throbbin period pain.. Constantly. hurts to move, or being on my feet. I woke up this morning full of tears, feel so crap watching my partner who works two jobs come home shattered and have to everything around me. :( sorry for rambling on.. Feels so good to talk to someone in the same boots. X


If the pain is intense I would suggest you get in contact with the hospital who carried out the lap, you defo gave overdone things, I know how it feels to want to jump up and do everything at the first sign of a pain free day, but your not helping yourself or your husband in the long run, have warm baths relax, ask friends and family to lend a hand, enjoy the time with your little boy xxx

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I'm 1 week post-op and in in the same position as you. I was told they found Endo but I'm waiting to have my follow up appointment for more information. I posted on here the other day about feeling emotional. I really want children in the future and I'm devastated at the thought of not been able to.

I felt great the other day so tidied the house then spent all afternoon in bed in pain. I'm fed up of feeling this way. Your not alone.

Hope you feel better soon x

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Hi, sounds so familiar. feeling great then paying for it later that afternoon.

I absolutely hate being bed bound, never thought id hate resting so much. Where did they find you endo? Why do you think you could never have kids? ive been told (because im trying for a second) that I should definitely not have any problems conceiving again. I think ive had endo for around 9years and its just built up soo bad in the last year, but ive got a little boy. I do have faith in having another (even though i only have one tube). Apparently ive been told falling pregnant with endo can actually help get rid of the pain. mind me asking how old you are? Ive just turned 27..

What gets rid of the pain best for you? I hate that high sleepy feeling..

Ive not had my follow up yet either, ive got this really deep period pain that shoots down my legs.

Thanks for you response and support xx


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