Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Not really endo related but here are some crystals that help me with my endo symptoms and stress from endo:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I've been using crystals for 2 years to overcome anxiety after I went shopping and found an antler with clear Quartz and it's helped me through a lot of stuff.

Garnet: stress

Jade: cramps, stress, naseua

Magnesite: fatigue, pain relief

Clear Quartz: better understanding of oneself, calming, relaxing

Moonstone: feminine energy, personally my favourite

Tigers eye: it helps me with sleep

Shiva lignam: great for rolling in your hand or massage

Rose Quartz: helps me feel down to earth, emotional healing, headace relief

Lapiz Lazul: meditation and yoga (really helps you focus and relax)

Botswana agate: stress, courage

Bloodstone: focus, comfort

Onyx: I wear it as protection and for headaces

Amythest: calm, headache relief, helps with nerves

Amber: pain relief, all around amazing stone

Aquamarine: I've heard it's calming

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  • One thing I forgot to mention is that a way to cleanse negative energy from crystals is to put them on a windowsill at night or during the day.

  • This is an awesome post, thank you. I am going to try it myself and i plan to start with jade, magnesite and amber based on your descriptions.

  • Your welcome:)

    I hope they help:)

  • Really interested in this. How do you use them? Does one effect the use of another?

  • You can use them together

    I wear them as jewellery or keep them in my pocket. I'll send some links to pieces you can wear crystals in that are interchangeable.

  • Ahh thank you that would be great. Mostly it would be for relaxation, stress , pain and anxiety.

  • Some of them are also good for nightmares to if you have them, onyx and tigers eye are the best for those.

    Amber is great for pain and I like moonstone when I'm stressed or hormonal.

  • OK IL try them. Can you just have by the bed?

  • Yup, I put mine on my bedside table or windowsill

  • Thanks for the advice x

  • Your welcome:)

    Thanks for following

  • Hi

    I've just got Into stones I wear one in my bra for pain endo and bowel. I love rose quartz calming love and harmony. My daughter sleeps with a stone forgot the name for depression and restful sleep and I regularly see a faith healer it helps but doesn't cure it has helped me a lot


    Persil x

  • The stones that helped me for nightmares Botswana agate and tigers eye and ever since I got shiva ligman (probably didn't spell that right) I haven't woken up in the middle of the night like I used to.

  • I think it would be "shiva lingam". Shiva is a hingu god and the lingam is his symbol, we worship the shiva lingam in temples here in India. It is supposed to symbolise the creation/origin of life. I did not know it was available as a stone, very interesting. I will get one too.

  • Thanks:) Shiva Lingam is great to hold in your hand

  • Thank you. I used to use stones for myself a lot & do for my children now. I kind of became a little jaded (pardon the pun!) recently as after years of doing healing & having psychic surgery plus various other complimentary stuff I feel a little dejected that I'm ill again. However, I think complimentary help as a support to the emotional side of illness is greatly beneficial. Healing has to be holistic: physically & mentally. Thank you for bringing your insight & practice to this site Hannah117 & personally for me being a pointer toward what I need to re-engage in. Wish you well xxx

  • Your welcome:)

    I understand I turned away from religion and everything after I was told the pain was in my head by doctor after doctor, then I later turned back and think of myself as a New Age Catholic.

  • I think we often place all our hope on some singular thing and then feel discouraged when it doesn't work. I used to be the same when I started the endo diet...I read all the testimonies of women who have benefited from it and thought it will miraculously heal me. I was so upset when my pain did not reduce, I kept hating my stupid body for not responding to anything. However, like you said, I have come to realise that healing has to be holistic and there is no single miracle cure. I believe complementary therapies alone cannot help us much when we are dealing with something like severe endo. But combined with a good treatment plan, they can go a long way in helping us cope with the physical and emotional side effects of medication and helping us heal.

  • I pray everyday for a cure, sooner dignoisis, less invasive dignoisis and treatment. If my health lets me I want to go into endo research and find a cure.

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