Diagnostic laproscopy recovery time?

Hi guys, I was wondering if people could comment their recovery times and experiences of diagnostic laps? After a year out with the pain I'm supposed to be back at uni in October, but the earliest I can have the surgery is October! Do I need to drop another year? Don't want to wait for diagnosis as it could be anything! (Only 'suspected' endo)


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  • Hi there! Hope your not feeling too much in pain! With my first operation I was signed off work for 7 weeks! But that's because they surgeons had to give me a c section cut and it took a while to recover. My second lap I had 2 weeks off work. I would have been OK to go back after 1 week but I wanted to make sure I was 100 percent better before going. You just need to make sure you relax. Or maybe phone up and ask if they have any cancellations and explain you need to have it done before October. Good luck! X

  • Hi, everyone is different but I was signed off for 4 weeks (mainly as I have a heart condition that didn't like the surgery lol) but went to Brussels with my hubby the week after so I'd say I was feeling ok after a week. Having said that I think 2 weeks is standard if they don't do too much in there. I didn't have too many problems with bloating and no significant pain. Until my next period lol.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you :) my uni course is really intense so I'm just worried about missing too much xx

  • Hopefully a week will be enough and you won't miss too much. Good luck at uni x

  • Hi,

    Ive had 3 laps and only needed 2 weeks off each time (providing you don't get an infection at all) I suffer with constant Utis so always end up on antibiotics after.

    Good luck!x

  • Thanks! I hate UTIs😢xx

  • Hi - I had two weeks off, probably 10 days was enough to be honest. Good luck xx

  • Thanks!xx

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