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First period following first laparoscopy and endo excision and mirena coil fitting

Hi guys

It's been just over two weeks that I've had my first laparoscopy where Endometriosis was found and removed and a mirena coil fitted to help with symptoms after surgery. I had finished my period before surgery and I think I'm having another one as since the weekend my spotting which up until that point had been getting lighter and almost discharge like has turned into bleeding and increased pain.

Is this just common with the coil as so many people told me about the bleeding which isn't as bad as I've been warned about but no one mentioned pain :(

Thank you for your help,it's greatly appreciated x

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Hi Tryx, I had a laparoscopy 6 weeks ago and a mirena fitted. I've just had my review with my gaeny a couple of days ago and he said that it's common to have pain and spotting for up to three months post having the coil fitted.

Also, I don't know if you had any tissue removed in your laparoscopy but tissue healing also takes up to three months so will still be sore now and then.

I'm in a similar situation and the pain gets worse with menstruation which is occurring through the first three months as if a usual menstrual cycle, though I've noticed already that the bleeding is getting lighter. He also said the spotting usually takes up to 3-5 months to go.

Hope this helps!



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