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Still in pain after lap & coil

Firstly hi everyone its my first post!

I'm 25 and I finally recieved treatment for my endo & PCOS which I have been having issues with since I was about 15. Since I have got in my 20's its gotten much worse.

So I had a lap op at the end of March and had a coil fitted. Up until 3 weeks ago I was feeling much better, hardly any pain or discomfort. But boom! these past few weeks I have felt it coming on again and since about Wednesday last week I have been in just as much pain as I was feeling before my op. Has this happened to anyone else? I had my follow up appointment with a consultant literally just before the pain came back and they told me that if I start experiancing any pain again to call straight through to their office. But what will this lead to for me exactly? :(

I have always been able to deal with my painful stomach cramps pretty much ok, the kind of unbearable pain I experience feels like its deep inside my vagina. Its a horrible stabbing pain which comes and goes and is worse when I am on my period, which I have been since its got worse.

I have also been made redundant recently and I am starting to feel very depressed and bogged down with these issues. I just hope when I ring them up tomorrow I can get something else done I guess.

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