Naproxen and still in pain!

Hi all,

My doctor put me on naproxen last Friday as Nurofen and co-codamol was giving me heart burn!

I was put on 2 X 250mg a day, I was taking in the morning then again in the evening.

Personally I have found these do nothing to help with pain.

Spoke to my doctor Wednesday and she has upped me to 3 tablets a day which I am taking at 10am, 4pm and again at 10pm.

Again no pain relief at all!!

Today I have been in that much pain, to the point I have been feeling really sick and tired but couldn't sleep this afternoon due to the pain.

Has anyone else found naproxen to be inaffective??


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  • I take naproxen with co cocodomal. I was advised by doc to take the naproxen with food or just after, so I take at breakfast , lunch and dinner and cocodomal at same time. It had been quite effective but this week my pAin increased and it was only just taking the edge off at times. So the hot water bottle came out too which helped a little. Also best to start taking naproxen at first sign of pain I think, gives it time to start working.

  • Thanks for the reply!!

    My pain is 24/7, so I don't ever stop the pills!!

    At first the doc wanted to put me up to 500mg twice a day, don't think that would have made much difference but might try it tomorrow!

    If it doesn't help I guess it's yet another trip to the doc next week, I just can't afford all these pill, £8.20 a go and I'm not working (also not entitled to any help from gov!!) so it's getting very expensive all these trials!!


  • I'd try combining them with cocodomal, see if that helps. I'm sorry to hear your in pain 24/7. Have you ever had a laparoscopy and endo treated?

  • I've had 2 laps. First was about 3 years ago to see if I had endo and nothing was found! Then in October I was in hospital with suspected appendicitis, when they did the lap the found a lot of blood in my pelvis which they said they 'removed' and tested and it showed endo!

    It's just been a fight ever since with my doctors to get referred (which I now have been) test after test and experimenting with pain killers!!

    I might give that combo a try!!


  • I'm glad to hear you finally have a referral. I am going in for a laparoscopy on Wednesday as they think I've endometriosis. I'm hoping they find it and can get rid of it. I've asked them to fit the mirena coil at same time as once endo has been treated the coil can help keep it at bay and help stop it growing back. There is another drug I was prescribed mefanamic acid but I switched to naproxen as it didn't work for me. Also co codomal the doc can prescribe higher dosages, I just have the 500mg you get over counter. I can't take the higher dosage as makes me so dizzy I can't do anything which isn't an option as I'm a single mum with a 4 year old.

    Hope you find something that works for you and you get to see a consultant soon X

  • Yep, also had the acid... It was pants!!! 😂😂

    Best of luck with your lap, let us know how you get on!!


  • I found naproxen and mefenamic acid completely useless. I was actually very annoyed at my GP (secretly) for wasting my time with those things.. I had zero pain relief from them. Zero!!

  • Hello I'm very new on here but not new to pain...Naproxen did nothing for me either and I was on 500mg twice a day...I found Celebrex was better but only a bit 100 mg twice a day. I'm on all sorts of meds It can take a while to get it right unfortunately """it's very very pants!!!""" keep going back Hun I really do understand how much pain your in its rubbish take care xx

  • Yeah, they were useless for me too. Mefenamic acid is a wonder drug for me (providing I take it in small doses - 6x250mg instead of 3x500mg).

  • I personally had no relief from the mefenamic acid, but glad you've found something that works/helps you!!


  • I can't help with the pain issue, but want to sugest that it might be worth asking if you could / should be taking something like Omeprazole. This acts to protect the digestive system from drugs like Naproxen and ibuprofens.

    I was taking (a lot of) ibuprofen for costochondritis (only thing they suggested for all the terrible pains), but then I ended up with bad gut ache, and the omeprazole was great.

    I just don't know if it is contraindicated for any of the other drugs you are taking. Might be worth asking tho' as I thought naproxen was harder on the gut than ibuprofen. Take care.

  • Yeah I do take omeprazole every morning before I eat and take my pain meds, I still get heartburn/trapped wind by late afternoon early evening tho, and then end up not eating much in the evening due to this pain and bloating on top of the 'normal' pain I've got!!


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