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Hi all, I've been posting a bit since my lap last week because I suppose (naively) I thought the op and removal of the endo they found would make me better, if not immediately but within 5 or so days. But I still have pulling pains, back ache and bowel issues - in some cases more so than before. Also, the worst bit is the hormones all the place which this morning made me cry uncontrollably for hours. It's absolutely miserable and so unlike the old me. I'm seeing the consultant on Thursday and will talk to her about what she found, if she thinks she got it all and why I feel even worse than I did before the op. But has anyone else had this problem or is it just that I need to be patient? Thanks so much 

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  • So sorry you're feeling like this - it is a very emotional experience and no one prepares you for this. I had my lap nearly 4 weeks ago and I'm still not right - I'm up and about (got 2 kids as well) but I can't exercise yet or walk too fast, if I do too much I'll get the occasional twinge. 

    It's only been a short while from your op, you need to give yourself time. And definitely speak to your consultant how you feel (I felt low as well). Have lots of rest! Hope you feel better soon. 

  • Just getting your response helped so thank you very much. Xxx

  • You're welcome, remember you're not alone xx

  • I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I had my first lap over three months ago and unfortunately it made no difference to my pain. I'm also overly hormonal. I have to keep reminding myself that even though I don't feel any better, the fact that adhesions were removed and my gyno was able to really see how bad my condition is means that the next step will at least be taken with more information!

    Be gentle with yourself and remember that it can take several weeks to get back to normal. Everyone talks about laps as if it's 'just' minor keyhole surgery but it's STILL surgery! Your body needs to time to heal. But I know how horribly disappointing it is to have the endo pain come back after going through the lap. Just hang in there and tell your specialist!

  • Thank you so much. Getting replies from people who are going through it is so helpful. There have been no tears today but I just feel exhausted. I'm thinking of going back to work on Thursday even just to keep my mind active and feel a bit normal. Just worried that I'll get a bit overwhelmed. Anyway, fingers crossed for what the consultant says. What are your next steps? Do you have another follow up? Xx 

  • Hi Hun it can take a few months before you feel any real benefit. But I know what you mean I'm impatient to. Had hysterectomy and BSO with excision on 3rd March and I'm still not right. It just takes time. Take care 

  • Thank you, that's really kind. I really hope you're ok too, it must be tough for you too. Really appreciate your response. X

  • No problem Hun we're all here for each other. Look after yourself

  • AnnaB1979 go easy on yourself.  It is very early days.  I know it's a different scenario but I had my gallbladder out in November.  I had been so unwell for months and was desperate to know I made the right decision having it out. I agree with 123sickofbeingsick. I was told "it's keyhole" so thought I'd be fine after a couple of days,but it took me two weeks until I felt better.  Until then I felt very emotional, and low let alone dealing with the pain from surgery .  Remember you've had anaesthetic which can leave you feeling weird for a while.  Be gentle with yourself.  Hoping you feel better soon xxx

  • Aw thank you, you both talk a lot Of sense. So grateful for the support on here, I wouldn't have been able to cope nearly as well without it. Hope you're ok too. Xx

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