Good/bad laparoscopy experiences?

Hi there, I am trying to decide whether to have a diagnostic (operative if they find anything) laparoscopy but am extremely squeamish and worried about it.

Those ladies who have had a lap, did any of you have complications during or after the surgery? Did you find that it was worth it in the end, or did anyone find that the surgery did not help, or made things worse?

Any experiences much appreciated!

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  • Hi there, I had one done years ago. I found it absolutely fine. The recovery took me about a week but it wasn't a painful recovery. I was still able to get around and was mobile.

    They found a few 'spots' on my ovary which were not detectable by ultra sound so I found it very useful.

    From my experience, it was fine and you have nothing to worry about. Maybe others had a different experience but I hope not.

    Best of luck x

  • Thanks for the reply - so they didn't operate, as they found only small things on the ovaries?

  • Exactly. They found 9 endometriotic spots on one ovary. I was later diagnosed with endo but the spots didn't need to be removed at the time. They have now put me on a progesterone only pill which has helped so much. No more agony and bloating every day. It's worked so well for me but everyone is different. It's called Cerazette.

    As some of the ladies have said here, surgery is always a scary concept. But you go to sleep and, when you wake up, it's done. You will get great peace of mind from knowing what's going on in there, rather than tormenting yourself wondering what it might be.

    Dorinda x

  • It's not nice getting surgery and I was a bit squeamish as well but it's so good to have a definite answer as to what's going on. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Best of luck with it! X

  • It's the needle and the carbon dioxide that really worries me, ugh :( I hope you're right about the benefits, I just feel that I'm over-reacting by considering a lap after only two months of symptoms - if it turns out to just be sudden IBS or something, I'm worried that getting cut up and poked on the insides will just irritate it even more!

  • Can totally see where you're coming from, it's a bit scary but honestly once it's done it can really help with treating your symptoms because the doctors can see what's going on. I've had two now and possibly going in for a third. The carbon dioxide makes your shoulders ache & I was a bit teary after the anaesthetic for some reason?! But it's a really safe procedure x

  • Hi hunni :)

    A diagnostic lap is nothing to worry about at all, the only thing that worries me is that the surgeon that will be performing the diagnostic may not be trained to remove endometriosis if it is found, if they did remove it, that would be against nhs regulations so I would double check first. I would give lindle a message on here and speak to her about it As she may be able to help you.

    I would definitely go for the diagnostic laparoscopy though hunni, then you will have a definitive answer and then you can concentrate on ways to help you to deal with it. There are lots of ladies that have to literally beg for a laparoscopy and get told that it is all in their head, you are very lucky to be offered one sweetie. All the best and let us know how things go,

    Lots of love xxx

  • Hi

    I've had about 8 of these ops now which started as diagoistic then had the endo removed each time. You will feel sore for a few days, I usually have between a week and 2 weeks off to recover but they tend to laser mine off and cut adhesions so tend to be a bit more painful. You will get some pains in your shoulders afterwards which is due to the gas, I now swear by peppermint cordial to relieve this pain!

  • I've just had my first lap. They found endo on my womb area, bladder and bowel. I was in surgery for three hours in total while they lasered off the endo around my reproductive area (I am undergoing infertility investigations hence the lap)

    I was really nervous about being put to sleep but it was absolutely fine in the end. I didn't even have any pain from the gas they use to inflate your stomach. Just pain moving around and fatigue.

    Good luck x

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