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Exercise after laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

I had a laparoscopy about 3 weeks ago. I am back at work and slowly getting back to 'normal'. I was wondering if anyone could give any advice when it comes to exercise. When did you start exercising again after surgery and what type of exercise did you do? Walking is probably the best. I wasn't really told what I could and could not do in terms of exercise. Are there things I should avoid? I'm still feeling a bit sore inside (esepcially around my belly button) but my incisions have healed up nicely. It's probably best to try and avoid core work.

Any comments appreciated


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You need to avoid contact sports and power sports for a few weeks after surgery, although this depends on your level of fitness pr surgery. x

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Thanks Miwa! x


Hi, my consultant said to walk as much as I could upto 4-5 weeks and then I could get back slowly to whatever I did before which in my case was cardio at the gym. I was back properly after about 6 Weeks but don't just jump into it or you'll set yourself back. Xx


Thanks Anna! Walking sounds like a good start. At 10 days post op I still could not take full strides! xx


Yeah it's really tough and frustrating sometimes especially on the days you feel a bit better and try to run before you can walk! Xx


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