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Laparoscopy recovery


Does anyone have any advice on recovery times etc, after lots of messing around I’ve been given my surgery date of the 17th July but have raised concerns due to the fact that I’m due to fly abroad on the 13 August, am just booked in for a laparoscopy and dye test and excision if necessary. I’ve never had any sort of surgery in my life so slightly terrified of the whole thing, but also don’t want our family holiday to be affected too much, the hospital don’t seem bothered nor think I will have any problems with recovery, just depends what they find in there ☺️

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Hello, I had my laparoscopy end of feb, don’t worry, the worst thing is the cannula fitting which isn’t that bad, then your asleep and wake up all wrapped up with a warm blanket over your stomach for comfort and plenty pain meds 😊 the recovery was a week of rest at home for me, I felt more normal around the two week point though. Try not to worry, you’ll be absolutely fine.

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Ahh lovely thank you for replying ☺️

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No problem at all, I’m here if you have any other concerns, il help as much as I can.

Hi I agree with Hlra, the first 2/3 days are a bit rough but coming into week 2 for me, I was leaving the house and doing little jobs. Try not to push yourself too much! By the time your holiday comes round im almost sure you will be back to your normal self and I’m sure you will be needing a holiday!!!!

My only advice when you wake up is peppermint capsules and peppermint tea to relieve the gas in your stomach (I brought these into hospital with me and the nurses said they was a good idea). Also if you are a little sore be honest! You wake up like you’ve had the best night sleep ever and they give you pain killers before you begin to wake up. However my stomach was a little sore and I told them and they gave me dihydrocodeine. Just be honest with them if you want/need anything and I’m sure they’ll do it.

You haven’t mentioned it in your post but quite a big thing for me was the scars on my stomach and being in a bikini 🙄 but they’re literally none existent! I was so amazed by how little they was and now they’ve healed (I’m 5/6 weeks post op) you can’t see anything 😁

Good luck and have a fab holiday! ❤️

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Ahh thank you very much, I’ve read about the Peppermint so I’ll be taking some with me ❤️☺️

2 weeks for me. I had diathermy surgery with my lap and they found endometriosis in multiple places. If they don’t treat it for any reason then recovery will be quicker. As you may have excision it could be around 3 weeks as it’s more extensive. Plenty of rest with gentle walks is the key, if you over do it, you’ll slow things down and likewise for not moving about at all. I rested plenty but took my dog for gentle walks a few times a day.

All the best x

Ahh thank you for replying, I am kind of hoping they do some sort of excision as I have umbilical endometriosis, or so they think, and as it’s been causing me a lot of pain and problems i would like to think they’re going to sort it out while they are in there having a look, think they’re also running dye through my tubes to see if they’re all clear as we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year now unsuccessfully so before my fertility check appointment in a couple of weeks they wanted to rule out any other problems x

I’m a week and a half post lap where I had the dye, tube removed and excision of Endo. I had little gas pain this time although I also took the capsules into hospital with me and took with my toast.

I’ve had little pain up until the last two days where I think the internal cutting etc is now healing / tightening. I’m signed off until next Monday as I’m a teacher of 6year olds. I tried driving today - didn’t go far but could really feel my tummy with clutch control so don’t think I’m ready for proper journeys yet. My advice is to rest even if you’re feeling well in the first week to make sure you feel ok week 2 and beyond. I started doing too much my gp said.

I’m off on holiday to Cyprus 12 Aug - can’t wait!

Good luck with it all and message if you want more info xxx

Ahh we go on holiday on the 13th August so am hoping I will be ok by then ... did they sign you off work in the hospital?? Never had to do this before so it’s all new to me ☺️

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