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Laparoscopy recovery after severe endometriosis

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Hi everyone, I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy a week ago and still feel completely exhausted. I wondered if anyone else had the same experience? I was found to have extensive endometriosis including on my bowel and bladder. The surgeon removed the endo and I was told I would be sore for a little while, but I was not expecting to feel so bad still. I have not even attempted driving as I'm scared the seatbelt will hurt! I've read a lot of people take a few weeks to fully recover, but others I know have felt fine after a couple of days. Any feedback would be much appreciated! :)

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I've had several laps all have taken 6+ weeks. Don't rush your body even though it's keyhole you've still had the same surgery internally and having endo removed from the bowel is no quick fix.

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Thanks for your reply Moodly :)

Have you had several laps because the endo keeps coming back? My doctor said that for 70% of patients the first one should fix it for good, but that statistic is contradictory to everything else I've heard and read.

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Remember only those undergoing surgery and predominantly those with severe disease will be writing online - there's a huge amount of women with minor endo out there who never go near forums x

Hi, I had my lap nearly 2 weeks ago on the 20th Nov and I'm still Like you. I feel exhausted all the time and my stomachs still really tender and swollen. I don't think I've helped myself because on days when I have felt better I've tried to get as much done as I can but then I think that's set me back because I then feel worse afterwards. I feel generally unwell in myself as well. I'm still unsure if I can make it back to work next week? I feel like I still need time off. xx

Hi, i had my lap end if june. They found it on my bowel, uterus, womb muscles, diaphraghm and liver.

I thought id be back at work within 2 weeks but i was actually off 4 and like you i didnt feel like driving and even being in a car as a passenger was uncomfortable if we hit a bump in the road.

Take your time and listen to your body. Its a pretty big dose of treatment and i think because we cant see how much there is to heal because its internal we assume that it'll be a quick recovery!

Take care!

That's so true. I think because it's keyhole I'm expecting to recover quickly. Pleased to hear I'm not the only one but sorry to hear of all your experiences. I feel generally unwell also and am so emotional! Feel teary so often and for no reason.

I have had several laparoscopy and it took me at least 6-8weeks each time. I too thought because it was only keyhole so I should recover quickly but that is not the case. Take as much time as you need. Does your manager know what you're going through? It would really help if you explain to them so they can support you at work. Each time that I had been off I've asked for a phased return to work rather than going back to full time work straight away. I hope you feel better soon!

I dont think they recommend driving a car for a while after any surgery. Take it easy, everyone is healing differently. Took me 2 weeks to recover and then still i didnt feel completely my old self. Have short walks, and get some fresh air. Do things at home what you can do, but not everything at once.

Look after yourself

I am now 5 weeks post lap and although the pain has pretty much gone i am still totally exhausted. I have been told that this is probably due to the anesthetic but its a real pain. Every day is an effort!

Hey. I had a lap for severe endo about 3 months ago. I was totally exhausted for about 7 weeks afterwards. Don't forget it's not whether it's keyhole but how much and the type of surgery that is done internally that determines whether a surgery was major! Don't put pressure on yourself to feel better and re-evaluate how you feel in 4 weeks time. Until then look after yourself as best you can xxx

Hi, I've had four laps (2 major) and the soonest I felt even remotely normal was 3wks, longest 3 months (but had a partial bowel resection with that one!)

A week is far too soon, even with minor laps the doc has always told me minimum 4-6wks recovery. It takes a while for the anaesthetic to work out of your system too (that'll be what's making you emotional!).

Take it easy and get well xx

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