Hi, this is my first post. I'm due to have my first laparoscopy in August and I'm really worried about the scars. I am a recovering anorexic of 7 years now so it's not a big problem anymore but I've always had an obsession with my tummy. Can anyone please tell me if they dimple your tummy as obviously the instruments cut through muscle? Do they heal quickly?

Thank you for your time and help.

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Hi, so they usually go in through the belly button, which you can't see after, then I had another three incisions. The incisions themselves were small and healed so well I don't think people would be able to see them if I didn't point them out. Obviously when you look for them you can see them but they fade lots and just look a little lighter than the rest of your skin. In terms of recovery, I took the plasters off after a few days and had a relaxing bath a week after the op (when nurses said it was safe to do so). I'd say go on the guidance the hospital tell you. My stitches fell out after a few weeks. Hope that helps X

That really helps. Thank tou so much. How did you feel when you woke up?

I felt groggy and in some discomfort. I didn't have any of the bloating pain or shoulder pain that many people get x

That's really helpful. Thank you very much xx

Hello, I was similarly worried, when I woke up I actually only had two incisions-one on the belly button and one below my knicker line (it is in a cross shape and does look a little odd but nobody really sees it). Hayley X

That's really helpful thank you. Was that for endo? Do you know why sometimes they only do 1 incision and other times more? Thanks

Yes, I was diagnosed with endo as a result of the lap. I was expecting them to do two on my tummy and one in my belly button-I asked when I woke up and they said that they had sufficient room to look around with those two (it sounds weird I know) but they also managed to do some removal and cauterisation at that time :)

Oh that's good then. One is definitely better than 2! Do you feel less pain now the endo has been removed? Might seem a silly question but were you pretty certain you had endo before having the lap? I feel that sometimes the doctors think it's all in my head and so I worry it is and then think is it worth going through the surgery but then the pain can be so bad sometimes and I think surely it isn't in my head!

There is definitely less pain-it's not completely gone but it's manageable most of the time for me at the moment. I was pretty sure that's what it was, although the doctors have suggested that the endo doesn't account for the level of pain I have (but can't tell me what else it could be!)-I still sometimes feel that the doctors think it is in my head (even with the diagnosis) but the surgery helped a bit with the pain and it was good for me to know 100% that I wasn't crazy and to finally have some answers :)

Yeh absolutely. It's odd you don't want to have a condition but at the same time you just want a diagnosis so you know it's not all in your head. Thank you for all your help. It's really good to be able to speak to someone who understands. X

Exactly, I spent years hoping I didn't have it but when I was eventually diagnosed I just felt relief really and felt like I could start to move on from it. No problem at all, anytime :)

I had a laparoscopy 11 years ago and I cannot find the scars anymore. I had a laparoscopy to remove my gall bladder two years ago and I can barely see those scars anymore, so I am sure you will be fine. Just give yourself time to heal.

Thank you. That's a big help. Did they take long to heal? Was you in much pain when you woke up? Xx

The outer wounds healed within a few weeks, but my tummy was tender for six weeks. I went on holiday after 4 weeks (I lived in Canada then and flew to the Netherlands) and it was fine. A bit sore, but otherwise fine. I was not in pain when I woke up, I had good pain management, so overall it was not a bad experience.

Like others have said, my laparoscopy scars did not dimple my tummy at all and, a year later, are almost the same as my normal skin tone and not very noticeable. Good luck with your surgery :)

That's really good to know. Makes me feel better about having it. Thank you for your help and advice x

Like you I have a bit of an obsession with my tummy. I had my laparoscopy 4 weeks ago now and had 2 incisions. when I first took my dressings off I was a little shocked at first as everything was swollen however now everything has settled down its healing nicely and I only have a faint pink line where the cuts were made and where the stitches were and I'm sure in time these will disappear. Good luck with everything! X

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