Hysteroscopy worries

Hi everyone

Im a bit confused and worried I hope someone can help,

I had a laparoscopy over a month a go where they found a pretty serious infection and swelling. They took the fluid out that was causing the infection but unfortunately it was destroyed and they werent able to test it to see what would help so i was given 3 different types of antibiotics which didnt seem to help. I just saw another surgan who says he thinks i could have an 'aggressive ovary' and that my left ovary is working too hard to ovulate so thats why im having constant pain hes reccomended the coil for me and a hysteroscopy to see if i have any adhesions or anything in my womb but im a bit concered that i will be awake for this. During pelvic exams i have extreme pain and get extremely anxious because of this so would really really prefer to be put to sleep than go throgh the stress and pain can this be something i ask the nurses when they call me to arrange a date? Will i have to have a pre op before this? Is this the time to mention it? Im so nervous, the gyne couldnt guarantee this will work with the pain but is the next step, what are peoples experiences with the coil? I feel like they are at a loose end knowing whats going wrong

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  • Hiya, i have pain with internal ultrasounds, it's horrible. I think you should be able to ask for a some kind of mild sedation to get you through the procedure. Sounds like there is good enough reason too.

  • Also, they may be able to give you a volterol suppository (that you insert yourself), this is a powerful painkiller - I would ask for that.

  • My friend has a hysteroscopy a few weeks ago and she was given a full GA xxx

  • I have had two hysteroscopies, both with general anaesthetic. I don't remember any other option being mentioned. If they do suggest a local you could press for a general due to pain etc. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much, was this done on the nhs?? Xx

  • Yes both NHS

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