Recovery from laparoscopy taking longer then I thought

Hi everyone. I had my second laparoscopy 4 weeks ago. And I am really struggling with this recovery. I have another operation on Saturday to have the stent removed. I was diagnosed in 2012 with stage 4 endometriosis. I was very lucky to fall pregnant 4 months later. But within 3 month of having my son the pain came back. My last op was 4 weeks ago and my surgeon said it was like cutting through concrete. I was in surgery for 5 hours.

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Hi, just wanted to wish you well, rest as much as you need to, recovery will come, all the best xxx

Thank you. Xx

Each persons lap is so individual & changes from one time to the next I feel.

On my 1st (for an emergency ruptured ovary) I had lost 4 pints of blood internally into my womb so surgery took 4hrs. Very tough recovery but I had to force myself to as I had no one to look after my sons. It felt like a recovery from a c section tbh.

So looking at it that way you are 4 weeks in & need to take it day by day still. Hopefully your stent removal will be way simpler we easier recovery for sure.

Wishing you all the best x x


Yeah they said it was major surgery they nipped a vein or something that cause a big bleed. My consultant said he was seconds away from opening me right up. But luckily they managed to stopped the bleed. I too have two year old and there is never anytime to sit and relax. I think this is why it's taking longer to heal. Hoping for the stent removal to go smoothly as I'm fed up with Urine infections and antibiotics. Xx

Hi I took 5 weeks of work then did 1 week half days after my 2nd lap. I really looking back should have taken longer.

Don't be so hard on yourself. x

Hi Zoe, as I've learnt these past couple of days it's going to take time and that time is different for everyone. I've posted a lot in here recently after my second lap panicking because I haven't healed as quickly as I did after my first lap and it makes you feel pretty pathetic But, our bodies are precious and we need to take the time to let them heal!

My excision was one week today and although I can move around a lot easier I still have periods of pain and I still can't cough without it hurting but some people are fine after 3 to 4 days, don't worry too much but if you are you can always see your gp or surgeon for advice.

Thank for all the advice guys. I guess I have just got to give myself time to heal. X

Hi... I had my surgery 5.5weeks ago. it was my third surgery and it lasted 3.5/4 hours. I would just like to say i am also finding it hard to recover from this laparoscopy and i'm due back to work tomorrow... now dreading it as i am having awful back-pain and some ovary pain again. Argh!

I feel we have probably under-estimated the internal recovery from surgery, others have told me it can take months. So i think we have to accept its going to take a while longer. (i'm also impatient as feel like i start to feel better, then i'm back taking pain killers and struggling) so hang in there and i believe it does take some of us longer to recover than others.

Good luck for Saturday, hope it goes smoothly and hope you feel like you are on the mend soon.

Thank you. I hope u feel better soon too. Take it easy at work and if ur struggling it may be worth going to see a dr. They will probably sign you off again. I was due back to work 2moro as well but there was no way I was going to be able to managed plus the op on Saturday. They signed me off for another 3 weeks. I remember with my first one I went bk to soon and I ended up bk in hospital. X

I'm going to see how i go, as i only work part-time and do a sedate desk job, and make it clear to work i'm far from being fully recovered at the minute! I also feel like i have to go back as I would only get another week paid sick, and sadly cant really afford to take unpaid time off at the minute.... (saving for more expensive IVF)

Glad you have a few more weeks off to recover and hope its enough to enable you to be well enough for work. x

Thank you. Good luck x

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