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Is naproxen better then mefanamic acid?


Saw a different doctor than normal today as was a last minute appointment I booked this morning, I've been I agony with hip pain, also lower back and occasionally down my leg, about 3 weeks now, the last time I went I was given mefanamic acid and solpadol, that cleared it up, this time I've been takin and taking them but it's only been taking the edge off, and it's been getting worse every day. I'm off work for the summer and I'm sure that's the reason it's flared up as I was off work last time it happened and I seem fine while I'm at work! Anyway, the doctor today gave me naproxen and told me to take that instead of the mefanamic acid along side the solpadol, reading up they seem pretty similar, has anyone had experience with both, is it better than mefenamic acid?! X

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I would usually use naproxen. Mefenamic acid only worked for me for one day. I have not tried Solpadol but found that when my pain was that bad that I was in severe stage four and needed emergency surgery by an endometriosis specialist.

Just to say, I hope they also gave you something like Omeprazole to protect your stomach etc lining. I think, in the UK, they now 'have to' prescribe Omeprazole with Naproxen..

Also, have you been properly assessed for endo? Eg, referred to a BSGE Gynaecologist, and had a laparoscopy to find, identify and consider further treatment or removal of the Endo??

If not, I would talk to the 'Endo UK' people, link to their website at the top of the page, and read around on here as much as possible. But ... apologies if I'm telling you stuff you know.

Take care.

Hi thanks for your reply, no they didn't give me any of that, they just told me to take it with food so it didn't upset my stomach! I've been for an ultrasound scan and I've got my first gynaecologist appointment in a few weeks. I started taking them yesterday and I was so sleepy! I know the solpadol is supposed to make you sleepy but it doesn't normally effect me like it did yesterday with the naproxen!

I think you should go back and ask about the Omeprazole. I have been given that in the past with Naproxen, and so has a friend, recently. When I asked him if he'd been given the Omep, he said the GP had told him that now they 'have to' prescribe it with Naproxen. Food alone is not enough to stop it's damaging actions, it can cause stomach ulcers and other problems. I don't know about taking the Naproxen with Solpadol - check online or phone your GP - not worth taking risks.

Again, an ultrasound scan does not diagnose Endo, only a laparoscopy (under anaesthetic) can do that. If your Gynae is just a general one, then he/she should tell you about BSGE Clinics (look them up on 'Endo UK'). The gen Gynae can do an explorative laparoscopy to diagnose Endo, but if not trained as an actual Endo specialist they should refer you to a Specialist Endo Clinic (BSGE). Read the poston here by 'Lindle'.

Take care

I too wasn't prescribed omeprazole at all and was really ill...I hearted that dr so much and am now under s different gynae and they haven even offered pain's amazing how each dr is so different!

Well I ended up phoning my doctors because a couple of days after taking the naproxen there was blood when I went to the toilet, they said they didn't think it was the pills as the blood was bright red not dark red, he prescribed me omeprazole then, I haven't dared take them again though and there hasn't been anymore bleeding so I think it was too much of a coincidence not to be the naproxen! Pity though because it did help my pain!

Thank you, it was the gp that sent me for the scan, he said he had to do that before he could refer me to the gynaecologist because they have to rule other things out first, my scan only showed fibroids. My husband takes omen for acid reflux. It was quite a young doctor I saw yesterday, I shall ring the surgery on Monday then. She told me to take the solpadol and the naproxen, I was so sleepy yesterday though!


I like Naproxen but I think I might be allergic to memfamic acid it gave me palpitations and chest pain and it didn't really help my pain. With naproxen it can sometimes be achy and with memfamic acid I found I would still feel the horrible pains but only that so they were so much worse then being on nothing even.

Jojo-burkitt in reply to Hidden

It's mostly for hip pain I need it for, nothing seems to get rid of the pains that I get whilst on my period, only a couple more weeks now until my gynaecologist appointment so fingers crossed they'll sort me out with something!

I found Solpradol stopped working after a while and my GP switched me to Dydydracodeine which worked for a bit but again stopped working. TMI question, but are your bowels moving frequently? I found my hip pain increased when constipated and ended up taking a concoction of laxatives, oramoph, paracetamol and naproxen to stop the pain. Unfortunately I've grown to discover that pain meds with endo are far from an easy fix and you have to tweak until you find the right combo! Hope that helps :)

Jojo-burkitt in reply to gld87

The solpadol makes me constipated I haven't been offered anything else yet, can't wait for my first gynaecologist app in a couple of weeks! I start back at work next week, I find that when I'm working I only really get pains when ok on my period but as soon as we break up for half term I'm on the pain killers again!

gld87 in reply to Jojo-burkitt

If you are due to start the pain killers again I'd speak to your GP about laxatives. I'm on movical sachets 4/5 times a day and it's worked wonders! Xx

Their all the same really& They DON'T WORK!!😢😢

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