Being tested for Endo

Hi all,

I have Hashimotos (underactive thyroid) and Fibromyalgia and now being tested for Endo as I have excruciating pains in my pelvis, hips, legs, back and lower abdominal mostly at the time of my period. My fatigue has gotten much worse and I have been experiencing diarrhoea, bleeding from the bottom and pain during sex as well.

The doctors have recommended a blood test for my bowels, and a ultrasound scan which will then lead to being referred to gynaecology. I'm hoping I can get an answer for the pain and fatigue and my Fibro is not blamed again.

I know that the scan will probably not detect anything, so I'm expecting a laparoscopy is what is needed to check. I have also been prescribed Mefenamic Acid for the pain. Even thought the side effects of the drug is abdominal pain!

Anyone have any advice, or been in a similar situation?

Thank you, Sophie x

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I'm sorry that you're being bounced from pillar to post but it was when I got referred through to gyne that things really got on the right track for me. The ultrasound is the first step, and mine didn't show anything so I went on to have the lap. Seems so silly that they prescribe pain relief that can add to the pain! I swear by a hot water bottle and am quite stubborn about taking my painkillers because they don't make my head feel good once I've taken them - I'd rather have the pain. Stay strong, Sophie, and be really clear with the docs about what you want, they're good at ignoring your opinions, but be firm if you want to try a different painkiller option xx

Thank you so much for this. Makes me feel better. I hope my scan is soon so I can get referred quicker. I have been using a hot water bottle and it does help! Do you get pain in your lower back? Xx

It might take a little while to get your appointment, but they're so fast when you're in there because the need to pee is strong! You have to have a full bladder for it. Hot water bottles are the saviour of endo suffers! I get pain in my lower back ALL the time! Do you ever get the weird feeling like your legs don't belong to you? Xx

I have got an ultrasound booked in for 15th September so just under 3 weeks to wait! And yes all the time! The pain today is constantly in my hips and pelvis, not had back pain today! Fingers crossed! Xx

Hopefully the time will go by really fast! I'm glad I'm not the only one with the leg thing, it's so uncomfortable! Have you managed to find any relief at all? Xx

It keeps flaring up and down so some times it's manageable with just ibuprofen or my heat pack. Some days I can't bear it and I just cry 🙈 but I'm getting use to it a bit more! I'd take codeine but I'm so sleepy already! Haha! Xx

I hope the manageable days are more frequent than the crying days :( ah, it's nearly bedtime! Treat yoself haha xx

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