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anyone else get pain in their pelivc bones?

I had a lap to confirm and remove endo a year ago and everything was brilliant until October when I stated getting really bad period pains again.

I'd been on ocp for about 10 years prior to surgery and stopped afterwards as my husband and I decided if we were going too try for a family we should do it now rather than wait just in case. one of the reasons I started ocp was I had really long irregular cycles and since I've stopped they've slowly been getting longer again (averaging about 40 days) with the latest being 52 days (which doesn't help with ttc) when I've had pain previously its been in my lower abdomen and side ( gyn told me I had alot of endo tissue on my abdominal wall which would explain it) but the last couple of days my pain has felt really specifically like it's in my pelvic bone around the pubic joint almost like someone is standing on it and without my strongest painkillers i wouldn't have got any sleep last night.

has anyone else had this and if so any tips to ease the pain? I usually use a combination of heat packs and ibuprofen and co-codamol if the ibuprofen on its own doesn't help but as we are ttc I'm trying to take as little as possible so i feel like I'm stuck between arick and a hard place

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It strikes out of the blue doesnt it. I had my suspicions of endo part 2 when i had deep pelvic pain...again. That old familiar feeling of a knife being twisted deep into what feels like your bone. Two years ago today i had a laparotomy, a valantines day when i actually received flowers..hmm!! What i thought would be the end of endometriosis, but, as we know rarely is the case. Last November i had keyhole and in that very same spot where that knife was twisting..they removed an endo polyp! Could be adhesions. Hot bottle and analgesics only just take the edge off. Hope you get some answers and pain relief that helps. Xx J


Hi I get these pains too. By irregular cycle what do you mean by that? Is it that you bled that long? I was on pills as well. The day I used to stop it used to get pain free five to seven days of normal periods..but after taking pills for long I started to get breakthrough bleedings all the month. I Am currently on zoladex but unfortunately that not helping with the pain and bleeding too.


I mean I never know when they're going to start or finish, last couple of cycles I've had spotting a week or so before my proper bleed. I don't want to think about bcp as I really want kids so just going to have to try and power through the pain for the moment!


I get that type of pain and alternate codeine, ibuprofen and paracetomal when it's bad with a where bag. Avoid caffeine (and chocolate) as it can increase pain receptor sensitivity.

Have they tested you for pcos? I get stupid long irregular cycles (or really short frequent ones) and it's caused by pcos.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon x


thanks both its good to know im not on my own, I had a scan about 8-9 years ago and they said my ovaries where suggestive of pcos (all my scars from eggs were at the very edges our something like that) but since I was on the pill and without any other symptoms at the time that was ask they did. I think if my passion doesn't go away in a day or two or I get similar next cycle (whenever that is) I'll head back to the gp and ask for more tests :/

thanks for the advice and hope you stay feeling ok x


Sorry to hear its become a big problem again for u. :( i get pelvic pain mainly right side in hip bone area and in my groin exactly as u describe like someone standing on my pubic bone. My gyne said amonst other places ive endo in my right broad ligament which he feels accounts for that as it supports ure hip and pelvis. I suppose only a lap will tell u exactly as we are all so different. Pain wise i take much same as mentioned by the girls above but vitamin A has been shown to help. Hope u feel better soon. :)


Paracetamol and sometimes codeine (co-codamol) its fine when trying to conceive. Try to avoid ibuprofen and get some supplements too. Avoid any supplements with vitamin A though as they are not recommended when TTC due to risk in birth defects etc.

Sanatogen conceive /mum to be and Vita West supplements are really good.

I hope you resolve the problem really soon.

Good luck

Jo xx


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