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Pain Advice needed!

I saw a gynaecologist today to get scheduled in for my first laparoscopy within the next couple months. My transvaginal ultrasound didn't show anything abnormal but she still suspects endometriosis based on my symptoms. My bowel is apparently pretty backed up due to my painkillers and she's advised that I stop taking them leading up to my lap. I've been taking co codamol 30/500 regularly because nothing else would even touch the pain, even then it can still get unbearable. 

I can't take ibuprofen or anything similar as it upsets my stomach. She just told me to take paracetamol and I'm really worried about how I'm going to cope with the pain. The cocodamol keeps me able to function a bit better. I'm worried that without it I'll be curled up in bed constantly. The pain can be unbearable, I use heating pads and hot water bottles but I was wondering if anyone had any other advice? 

Anything at all would be very much appreciated!

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Hi Amaria, I think it is irresponsible to just tell you to stop taking a painkiller without suggesting an alternative.  If only paracetamol alone meant we were pain free! Like you, I can't take NSAIDs because I suffer with GERD.  I take tramadol as codeine makes me so constipated it causes other problems,whereas I don't have that issue with tramadol. I would think it would be advisable for you to try some fibogel or latulose to tackle the constipation.  I could not function without taking pain relief or just paracetamol although I am by no means pain free on them...far from it... Good luck with the lap xxx


Hi thanks for the response!

None of the doctors I've seen have suggested tramadol, I might look into it. I've been prescribed some lactolose and an antispasmodic to take with it but I don't think that will help with my other pain. Im thinking of slowly coming off of cocodamol while taking the lactolose. Though like you I don't think I can function without painkillers.

Thank you xx


Why can't your surgeon prescribe a bowel prep prior to your laparoscopy, and I agree it's irresponsible to tell you to stop taking the pain killers, we wouldn't take them if we didn't need them good luck xxx


I'm not sure, she just said my bowel seemed very unhappy and she wouldn't operate til its better? I found the pelvic exam really painful and I honestly just wanted out of there afterwards so never asked many questions. Kicking myself for not asking now! Thank you xx


You could always send an email to her secretary asking if you can have bowel prep, as you can't stop the pain killers without a replacement, xx


Movicol can help as well or maybe senna? Maybe chat to the pharmacist as well, maybe they can help. Sometimes docters ase so unhelpful!


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