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Hi I posted a while back was waiting a scan and waiting confirmation of diagnosis I've had my scan all normal gynaecologist was very concerned about really bad leg pains scared the living daylights out of me wrote on the form ovarian cancer but anyway scan normal radiologist thinks it prob endo so waiting for appointment and probable laparoscopy . I'm just wondering what people use for pain as I'm struggling I'm unable to take naproxen or any brufen due to reflux problems it makes it worse even with double omeprazole co codamol makes me feel unwell dizzy and light headed and so does co dydramol can take paracetamol but it doesn't help much hot water bottle is good but I can't walk roun all day with them the pain is a big problem at the moment just wondering if anyone has any ideas to share

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  • hi the only pain relief that works for myself is voltarol suppositories, as I would ask your doctor about these hope this helps.

  • Hi thanks I suppose they may be a better I idea as they miss out the mouth so may cause less gastric problems xx

  • My gp told me buscopan for pain relief but it never worked for me.

    I went to a consultant who persceipes me with ponstan and it seems to help ease it abit

  • Have just checked have tried these they are mefanamic acid they also cause me loads of gastric problems thanks for help though

  • If the leg pain is nerve pain - like sciatica from endometriosis being in a certain place and pressing on your sciatic nerve/s - then I wonder if you could be given a med for nerve pain. E.g. tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), such as amitriptyline – these medications were originally designed to treat depression, but they have since been found to help relieve nerve pain or anticonvulsants, such as gabapentin – these medications were originally designed to treat epilepsy but, like TCAs, they can also be useful for treating nerve pain.

    Obviously this would only be an option if that is what your leg pain is, but it might be worth looking into and discussing with doctor.

    Also you could try a TENS machine if you haven't already.

  • Hi thanks for that advice I think my leg pain is definitely caused by the nerves I've been Xmas shopping today walked obviously but stopped lots as we'll as can't walk for long periods anyway and I am in so much discomfort at the moment pain in thighs back of legs in my knee in my lower back everywhere and have nothing to take that helps been in hot bath helped a bit for half an hour and I've got a hot water bottle hope my appointment with gyno comes soon and they can refer me for a lap thats all we all seem to do is spend time waiting for things to happen

  • I agree - the waiting is torturous! I feel as if I'm always waiting for something... The next step, and hoping that things get better.

    A heated throw (electric) might help you more than a bottle as you can drape it over your lower half including your legs - I think I saw them on Amazon when looking at heating pads.

  • Ok thankyou for your help xx

  • just a thought but the pain relief things for your back therma care would that not work turned round for tummy that would work like a hot water bottle all day

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