Severe spine and abdo pain

Hiya girls,

Need a little bit of advice.

Think I mentioned in one of my previous 2 posts some of the symptoms I've been having which are lower abdominal, pelvic and lower spine pain which is quite severe.

Today I've been in absolute agony! I've taken four 30/500mg co-codamol and four extra relief paracetamols, probably shouldn't be mixing them but the pain is unbearable...

I'm also on the minipill so take this daily, I'm not sure what to do. The pain is so bad that I was almost crying in the car on the way home, I went out for a meal with my mum and her partner and just couldn't even face eating because of the pain.

Should I be worried because the pain relief hasn't worked, and call an out of hours doctor? I don't want to seem like I'm over reacting and perhaps I haven't been patient enough for the tablets to kick in and start working, I've tried having a wheat pack on my spine too and it's not really eased the pain off, nor has having a bath in epsom salts.

Can someone advise what to do? I'd be so grateful.

NJ x

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  • Do u get any pains shooting down ur leg, because if u do it could be a trapped sciatica nerve or a nerve trapped in ur coxic bone? When I've had them, painkillers don't seem to touch the pain either and I take a very strong pain killer (tramadol). You could try using a tens machine if u haven't already, hunny. for me ive found the machine a strange distraction.

    Other than that, if u feel the need to see a doctor, then u should and dont feel like your over reacting, because there's nothing to lose by having a professional look u over, give u advise and a better pain relief.

    The pain relief you took should have kicked in after 30 mins especially the amount you've taken. So to put ur mind at ease I would go see ur GP.

    Let us know how u get on hun and hope the pain (whatever is causing it) gets better real soon coz there's nothing worse than being in constant pain and not knowing the cause. :)

  • Hi thanks for your reply!

    I don't get shooting pains down my legs, I just get dull pain at the top of my thighs when the pain is in my pelvis, I get shooting pains in my ribs and abdomen, so have been told I've got 'rumbling appendicitis' but it isn't inflamed, and now possible endo so I don't know what to think!

    I took 2 co-codamol this morning and they didn't touch the pain at all, so took 2 paracetamol 2hrs later, people say not to mix them as the co-codamol has paracetamol and codeine but other people say it's fine I'm not sure :/

    My mum has just told me to rest as much as I can, she won't allow me to see a doctor out of hours or go to A&E, and I can't drive and it's about 15 miles so I have no other choice, just going to rest and if the pains not gone by tomorrow I can just pop over to Occupational health or A&E as I work at the hospital anyways :(

    Thank you for your help :) x

  • I was told by a doctor you can mix paracetomol with ibuprofen but not sure if u should do it with the cocadamol as it contains paracetomol.

    Just wondering, have u been seen by a gynaecologist yet about being checked for endo? if not please speak to your GP about this as its playing on ur mind and there's nothing to loose by getting it looked at as ur clearly suffering, in pain.

    Sending a hug with a smile :) hope u feel better soon hunny. U really have been and going through a lot. I think im new to the site like u and so far i find a lot of the women on here help me to stay strong. With some pretty useful advise, hope its the same for u. :)

  • Hi, thank you! Yeah my GP really thinks I have endo so referred me and i'm waiting for an apt, I have tried to get another apt with the GP for the pain in the mean time but with work it is tricky! as my work place is 15 miles from my gp so it's tricky to get a suitable appointment :(

    the women on here are all incredible, so amazing how everyone looks out for each other and we're all just a group of strangers! I am so thankful for you all on here who have helped me and given me advise :)

    Hope you're keeping well. xx

  • dont take the paracetamol and cocodomol together as they both have paracetamol in, take your cocodomol with ibuprofen instead try and take your cocodomol and ibuprofen staggered so you are always covered by one medicine ie cocodomol 7am ibuprofen 10am and then back to cocodomol at either 11am or 1pm depending on if you've been taking four hourly or six hourly. Try some heat patches or hot water bottle. If you cant get relief and its unmanageable call 111 and they should organise an out of hours appointment were you can get a stronger pain relief temporarily then see your own gp in the week to organise something stronger so you don't have to face this level again. Feel better xx

  • Hi thanks for your response,

    I've been told ibuprofen is worse for your liver if you take over a prolonged period of time, and it's an anti inflammatory so I've always been scared to take it :( I've been using a wheat pack over my lower abdomen and it's helping a little but then the pain comes back, I will definitely hunt out my hot water bottle and invest in some heat patches to see if they help. I've been taken the two paracetamols staggered so that it's not a large dose all in one go, but I'm wondering if because they both contain the paracetamol they're not effectively working, might give ibuprofens a go today and see how I get on, going to try and get a GP apt as of tomorrow.

    Thank you for your help xxx

  • definitely speak to your GP regarding medication. There are so many combinations that can help and I wouldn't like to advise you on what to take or what to ask for. In general ibuprofen and cocodomal are safe short term ie. 3 days. Rest up and get some proper help tomorrow xx

  • Thank you, I have taken the ibrupeofen today and hopefully they will work as I'm not allowed any time off work, I'm going to call the GP surgery and explain to them what's happening, hopefully they'll help. :) x

  • I swear by accupunture also I use tramadol paracetamol as I to suffer from siatica also stabbing pains in my stomach I was dignosed with aheadions on pouch of Douglas area and endo in my womb but also on amytriptyline on a night and they seem to help me also deep heat worth a try but don't suffer in silence that's what doctors are here for maybe worth making an appointment or call nhs 24 if it's really bad hope u feel better soon and try and get some rest

  • Thank you for your reply, my mum used to be on tramadol and naproxen and they're really strong but she said they worked, I'll speak to my doctor about a stronger pain relief but with working in a patient-facing job role I don;t want to be drowsy etc, so I'm always cautious with meds.. hopefully find something that works soon!

    Hope you're not in too much pain yourself, take care x

  • some days are better than others yeah I agree I try and manage on deep heat only take painkillers when the pain at it worse xx

  • It's been so bad this weekend that I've had to take them, but I think it's eased off a little now I've had so many drugs in my body, fingers crossed this week and next are as pain free as possible so I can enjoy my birthday!

    Wishing you pain free days too x

  • Mine has been the same had a sleepless night took pain relief last night along side my amytriptyline and didn't get a decent sleep woke at 2am and tried putting hot shower on my back and stomach ended up putting deep heat on xx

  • Def get back to your doctor. I had the same issues and they referred me back to my nearest BGSE clinic. Heat patches work. I hope it is sorted for you soon x

  • Forgot to say they also changed the medication I was on. I was also on the pill and they are seeing if the coil will make a difference to the pain

  • have you got the coil at the moment? I heard some ladies say it helps, my doctor advised me to take desogestrel mini pill until my gynae referral goes through instead of getting the mirena coil fitted. x

  • Yeah, I had it fitted a few months a go. Currently seeing if it is easing the pain. I am keeping a record of the pain and bleeding to help track. This was great evidence when I was referred to the BGSE hospital so they had evidence after my first lot of endo was removed. I went to the local hospital for the first op, never again tho. Wish I knew about being referred to the BGSE hospital when I was first diagnosed. My Dr and BGSE hospital have been great. Some places also have an endo specialist nurse you can ring and who organises support groups. My local nurse has been great and always gets back to my queries. Good luck x

  • Can i request to be referred by my GP or do i have to see a gynae DR first? my appointment with a PCOS Gynaecologist is 4th July and they probably won't know much about endo as it isn't their speciality. :( x

  • I got referred by my doctor. I asked to see a female dr at my surgery who was v sympathetic and referred me via electronic system whist I was in the room.

  • My GP is a great doctor but very professional and rushes me because we only get 5-10 mins at my surgery, so I have to rush through everything, she referred me to gynae at the hospital but I was clueless to which clinic to choose, so chose the poly-cystic ovaries as that's what I know I have, probably should have waited til august to see a general gynae :/ might go back and ask about this bsge centre..

  • There is a website which lists them:

  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Would you recommend trying the diet even though I haven't been diagnosed?

  • Ahh okay thank you, I might give it a go although I do have a healthy balanced diet already, I don't have many foods with a lot of sugar in, only natural sugars in fruits and vegetables, I'm not a sweets kind of person, and only rarely have a starbucks once a week/2 wks or a sugary drink, but may look into this and give it a go. thanks :)

  • Hi NJ, how are you today¿ Did you manage to get seen? Hoping you got more comfortable and ditto re tens machine. The sensations are weirdly distracting and I also find with nerve pain cold packs are more effective. I also get a washing up bowl of cold water, add some magnesium salts and soak feet for 15 mins adding ice as it warms up and that helps with shooting nerve pains . If cold does help more than heat that is a good indication that some of your pain is nerve related. You could get prescribed gabapentin which is originally made for epilepsy but now prescribed for nerve pain as it can ramen down the nerve signals. I hope that helps, let me know how you are x

  • Hi SusiePg,

    I'm feeling a little bit better today, still in a lot of pain :( I didn't go to a DR last night as my mum suggested to just rest and see how I get on, and as you do..listen to mother..

    I will have to try cold packs or ice, i never thought of that in all honesty. Because I'm 18 in a week I keep being told my dr's I don't have back pain or anything wrong with me, and it's so annoying! I'm going to do some experimenting with different types of heat , like hot or cold, and see how effective each one is.

    Thanks for your help! x

  • You can also use Ibuleve max for topical pain relief, it really does help. Also if cold works but you are out and about get your mum to go to Boots and ask for Biofreeze, which you can get as a gel or spray it really helps numb the pain. Really hope your more comfortable at your 18th. Tell doc you think back pain is referred pain from nerves or inflammation. Back pain is one oif the main symptoms of Endo. Go to doc with your Mum with a pain diary which you could start today and record where pain is am, pm and night and rate out of 10 and what pain meds you take and what the pain level is after taking them. After 4/5weeks you can show your GP and insist you get a referral for a diagnosis and can demonstrate the pain meds aren't enough. Good luck

  • Hello, thank you for your help, I have been recording in a diary for some time now all my pain and symptoms, but because I have a high pain threshold doctors say I don't look in much pain, but I'm just pro at hiding it now, I have started taking my mum with me more even though I'm almost 18 she's good at making them listen and take the matter seriously, going to arrange an appointment this week and go with a record of all the pain I've been having lately and the meds that aren't effective for me. :)

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