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Back pain

Does anyone else suffer from back pain because of endo?

I get such severe pain I can barely move around for about a week, nevermind do basic tasks.

How do you cope with it? I take co-codamol but it makes me lightheaded so it doesn’t really help much.

Any advice would be amazing.

Thank you x

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How much cocodemol are you taking?

I have a slipped disc at the moment and am confined to one position in bed. My pain meds journey started on cocodemol but the needed to add different things and increase the dose... better speak to a doctor as there are different pain (muscular and Nerv related) and different drugs work on these differently, or not... plus cocodemol isn’t great long-term obviously


I only take co-codamol when I feel pain but I usually take 2 at a time.

It just makes me really drowsy and makes my head feel heavy


2x 8/500 (which is the strength you can buy OTC) was the starting dose for me. With pain meds, it’s important to get the dose right if you take them at all and the coverage also (to manage the break through pain).

I started with 2x cocodemol, every 6h (so 4x a day). That was increased to 30/500 tablets (have to be prescribed), which I had to take 4x a day alongside 1x 500mg Paracetamol. Eventually, we had to move to a stronger regime still...


I have 30/500 which I usually take 2 at a time when the pain is really bad.


That’s quiet strong then already... maybe your doctor can give you a different type that might help you better? I’m sorry you are in pain - it’s not easy to cope with pain, esp. regularly 🥺 xx


Yeah it’s probably best to ask my doctor. Thanks so much for the support I really appreciate it. Xx


Hello, I have always suffered with back pain for years! I always thought it was when I was younger and someone dropped me on a curb by accident, i always moaned about how much my back hurt but it was not until I was actually told I had endo that I realised my back pain was because of endo. Heat pads! I live with a heat pad on my back some days two 😂 the best ones I have found r from poundland! And of course they only cost a pound for 2! I also think you need to talk to your doctor about different pain relief, maybe try naproxen because that’s a stronger ibuprofen. Good luck xx


Hi, I use heat pads when it’s painful too. I’ve tried naproxen before but it didn’t ease the pain at all x


Yep and that (Naproxen) would help with the inflammation going on with Endo, whilst Codein mainly just numbs


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