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4 days post lap - things helped with my recovery

1 take movicol or similar, the post op constipation is not too nice. I didn't take mine until yesterday. Next time I would start them straight away.

2 treat yourself! I made my husband bought some very expensive Aesop shampoo/ conditioner. Also try to do a mini facial every day. It helps to make you feel good.

3 try to walk around as much as possible. It helps get the gas/ etc moving along.

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Thanks for this Stella. I've got mine on Monday! I've got the fibogel in but nothing as a treat, will have to give that some thought....Hope you continue to recover well. What did they find?


Hi also peppermint tea is good for gas pains.

Walking around also prevents scar tissue forming(so I've heard , not sure if true or not). Hope recovery goes well.

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I'm day 3 post lap.

Constipation is bad and wish I had thought of taking something so good tip, thanks .

I find my back is really aching too as sleeping on my back in quite a fixed position .

The post op isn't as bad as I had thought although I still think at least 5 days needed before attempting real life again !

I am waiting on biopsy results as they found a growth in my tubes... anyone else had this? Am hoping it's a cyst...

Hope you other lap ladies are doing well xx

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Hey, I'm day 2 post lap. My constipation is also bad and i still have trouble peeing.... Do you experience lots of dizziness? I'm all over the place! Good luck with the biopsy, try not to let it stress you too much. Lets just get through this. Xx


I was lucky my bowels returned to normal the next day,however I did have bad gas,I toile peppermint tea (2-3 teabags),peppermint capsules (Holland and Barrett) and windeze tablets they all helped and moving around a little too.

I made sure I pampered myself before the op,I had my hair done,eyebrows shaped and had a Bikini wax so I didn't have to worry about trying to shave lol x


Feeling pretty much back to normal now. Had my period started in the main time. But it is the same as before. Still walking slower than normal, can't run or jump yet.

I believe maybe core strengthening excercise before op could be helpful. Will do some training for my next op in September .

Hope all your ladies are keeping well.


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