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Lap recovery

I had a laparoscopy on Monday and had some endo removed. It's now Friday and I still feel completely wiped. I'm struggling to sit up, walk around etc. The adhesion by my tummy button is the one that hurts and I can't use my stomach muscles at all.

Looking for some advice as to how long it normally takes to recover. The leaflet talks about moving around and being able to drive in 5 days. I'm struggling to walk down the stairs, let alone drive anywhere!

I'm also really worried about taking the dressings off, any advice on how best to do it?

This is my first proper surgery so feeling a little overwhelmed!

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Hi, I had a lap just over a week ago and feel the same as you. Getting in and out of bed or off the couch is painful, I'm bruised and swollen and now have infections in my belly button and incision sites. It will get better tho x


I had my first lap last Thursday and still tired and sore. Don't think the recovery times a very accurate. I'm a dance teacher and deforestation can't go to work yet, been to doc and signed me off for another month, don't think I need that long though! Will return when ready.

Think everyone is different and it takes time for it body to heal. Keep strong :-)


Every one is different. Took me 6 weeks to get back to work and im on a phased return. Only worked 8hrs this week but its proper tired me out. I did have surgery 2 weeks before my operative lap to have my appendix out, which was when they found my endo. So kind of recovering from 2 ops.


Hi There - I had one 5 years ago and it took me 3 weeks to recover. I was wiped out and couldnt move my tummy - I also felt very anxious and sick from the Anaesthetic for weeks so it can take a long time. Just be kind to yourself anf rest and if you need more time go back to your doctors to get and extended period off of work. Hope you recover soon - its a very unpleasent feeling I know but it will pass and you will feel better xx


Hi, I had my first laparoscopy 3 weeks ago. It took me at least 2 weeks to feel like I was getting back to normal, and it was only this week that the pain from the stitches and bruising has started to ease up. My stomach muscles are feeling better now and I don't have to think about it before I get out of bed anymore!!

I was also nervous about taking my dressings off, luckily I got my husband to do it whilst I didn't look! I think it helped to look at them in the mirror and realise they were much smaller than my brain was picturing. I would take them off gently to check they're all healing okay - I had an infection in two of mine and needed antibiotics - if you can leave them uncovered then do so, but if they're going to catch on your clothes etc you can put a new dressing on, just make sure that you let them dry properly after a shower etc.

As it was my first op too, I was definitely overwhelmed by how hard it hit me - I thought I'd be back at work within a couple of days!! But I'm getting there, and I hope you feel much better soon!

Jen x


Thanks for the replies, it makes me feel much better. im going to try and change my dressings today with my boyfriends help.


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