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Packing for hospital?

Hi ladies , what do I need to take with me for my laproscopy? There's a good chance I'll be in overnight as my surgery is in the afternoon.

Hope you're having a good day

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Hospitals get cold especially as anes and a bit of shock make you cold.

Pack a nice robe.

Pack nightie not pjs for easier access when you need to get up and tioleting etc.

Water bottle you will be a little parched after the tube down your throat and if you cant get a nurse,it will drive you nuts,a dry throat.

Your own pads as theirs will probably be not quite right.

Buy some underwear that is the next size up and soft.

I wish id done that,to fit around the bloated tummy.

You dont want anything too tight.

Loose clothing,easy access like a dress or looser pants.nothing tight on the tummy.

When you come home have your heat pack ready.

Buy a thermometer,to check temp for any infections etc.

It really helps to know its just pain when your wondering about symptoms.

Kind regards



Hi there, I got given a list and it says a bath robe, slippers, sanitary towels and any toiletries are optional i would just pack as though your staying overnight somewhere :) hope it goes well for you! Mine is tomorrow I've been sick with nerves all day!


Oh good luck!!!


Hi racheymon, how did your lap go?


Hi, sorry for the late reply I've been on holiday! It was a success, all endo was excised and the coil was put in. I'm 5 weeks post op now and whilst I do feel better I still feel a bit tender inside especially when going the toilet and occasionally cramping up, my stomach still feels a bit swollen and not the way it was before surgery. How about yourself!?


Hi, had surgery yesterday and still in hospital. All endo gone, dermoid cyst removed and nothing on the bowel. I'm sore and my ribs hurt from the gas but otherwise ok


That's good to hear, I wish you a fast recovery! Yes the gas the probably the worse pain but I found fresh ginger tea really helped, it'll make you burp a lot


Hi, the only thing I'd add is some freshen up wipes, like baby wipes, as I felt grotty and wanted a fresher face etc. Oh and a toothbrush?! I cleaned my teeth ha x

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I also took some lip balm & something to read for whilst I was waiting to go down to theatre. My laparoscopy was done at 4:30pm and I was still allowed home that night. Fingers crossed for you x


Slip on shoes could be handy. Definetly water bottle with a straw and lip balm. Wear warm clothes.

Good luck


Also I would take mints mouth tastes horrible after, xxx


I like to over pack! When I went in for a lap even though I knew I would probably be out that day this is what I packed:

Loose clothing, dressing gown, slippers, 3 pairs of big knickers, loads of my own sanitary towels, face wipes, mini body wash, shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, deodorant, a bit of money (change just in case) phone, phone charger, 2 books, 2 magazines, pen and paper, bottled water, all of my own medication and some of my own painkillers too, hairbrush, mints, a packet of biscuits. A nice big cardi which could also double as an extra blanket if I was cold.

It did all fit in an overnight bag. I did go home that night and I didn't need half of it but I felt much happier knowing I had everything I might need just in case.

I'm going in for a hysterectomy in a few days, that's anything between 1-5 nights, I'm packing loads!

Hope it all goes well for you xx


Thanks ! Good luck with your surgery too x

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