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Hospital appointment tomorrow

Hi ladies havnt bin on here for a bit hope ur all as pain free as pros, at last got a hospital appointment tomo this is for a second gyno be for hopeful the big op have to c two cus of my age (only 35 ) fingers crossed he's nice i pray for the day i don't hav to keep going to meet all these people just won't to get on with my life (know what I mean) anyway come on today at lest he'll c the pain am in its a gd job its happend now lol dont know but sumtimes i dout myself? My husbands looking after me my rock anyway I will update wish me luck x

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Snowbell2012 all the best for today and I hope you get the answers you are looking for.



Thanks x


I wish you luck! :)

When you say "the big op", you don't mean a hysterectomy, do you? :-/

Let us know how you get on! x


Thanks chrissie66 x yes I do mean hysterectomy not bin easy to deside but I hav a 15 year old boy and 10 year old girl did wont more but i nealy lost my life and my son's when he was born took me a while to hav my darughter we did try but just didn't happen so there getting older now wont to be healthy for them cus thay just know there mums in pain again when sumthing comes up thay won't me to go or do something with them, like to say thanks again cus writing this made my mind up to for defo to tell gyne today x

I will write on here later xxxx


The appointment went well today thay sending me for a M.R.I and a LAP then c where we go from there so iam happy about that, but wasn't happy to learn that the lap I had done in 2007 I got told today that I have something wrong with one of my tubes thanks for that :(( anyway wer moving forward that's the main thing :))


Glad to hear that the appointment went well. Good luck with the next stages xx


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