Hospital tomorrow finally!

Hi all,

Finally have my follow up appointment tomorrow to discuss the results from my lap in April (even though I already know the results). So much anxiety has built up over the past few months waiting for this appointment! I know I have a frozen pelvis with one ovary embedded deep underneath my bowel, one attached to my abdominal wall and both fallopian tubes are closed but I don't know what to expect now. Will they operate? Won't they operate? Will my tubes be able to be opened back up? My head is spinning with questions. Would love to hear from people with similar experiences and hear some of the outcomes for you guys :)

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  • Hiya, sorry I don't have any answers or similar experience, but wanted to wish you good luck for your appointment. I hope they are able to answer everything so you know where you stand x

  • Thanks nayjay. I guess in a couple of hours I will have my answers. Waited for this day so impatiently for the past 3 months and now it's here I don't want to go. Typical lol x

  • How did you get on? X

  • Really well :) will be having pelvic adhesiolysis to remove the adhesions and separate my organs and they believe I will have a 50/50 chance of conceiving naturally if the surgery is successful. Feel so relieved and hopeful that all goes to plan! Just waiting on a referral to another consultant now as my consultant can only perform the adhesiolysis as open surgery but would prefer me to have it keyhole. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!x

  • I'm so glad this was positive for you and there is something they can do to help you! And you have as much chance of getting pregnant as not so that's quite positive. Hopefully the wait isn't too long for you and then you can focus on conceiving. Will keep my fingers crossed for you..hang onto the hope even when things get tough xxxx

  • Thankyou Nayjay - much appreciated :) xx

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