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Cerazette for suspected endo and referral to hospital

Hi there

I went back to my GP on Thursday to discuss my query endometriosis and stomach pains. I was on Naproxen last month with no effect or relief for the pain. We both came to the conclusion that its time to get gyni involved so he has referred my to gyni. In the mean time he has put me on Cerazette to see if it can help with my heavy bleeding and pain ( TMI sorry).

Has anyone had any experience with Cerazette and did it help with your symptoms?

This is my second time being referred to gyni and my last time was not a great experience. I didn't get a good feeling about the consultant I saw. Now that i have been referred back will it be the same on I see again or will it be someone different?

Also Has anyone has any experience with the gynecology department at Forth Valley Royal.

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Cerazette didn't agree with me, I had continual bleeding, dizziness and migraines. Some people are fine with it or say these symptoms pass after you have been on it for a while but I had to stop taking it.


Will be starting cerazette soon myself, hopefully it'll be ok. Good luck


I am on cerazette and have been for a while and i have no periods at all... but still experience bad pain. But i have a lap scheduled for 8th april as they think i have bowel and bladder endo and thats why im in so much pain but hopefully it will work for you! I suffered with bad periods before taking it! Good luck x


I used to be on Cerazette but it didn't agree with me I kept on bleeding with it and my period pains were worse! But I know people who have been on it and been fine, everyones bodies are different! I've got the coil now had it over a year and it's been fine for me :) and good luck


I too have had a bad experience with cerazette. Whenever i have seen the gynaecologist its been the same person who quite frankly i hate! So next time ill ask to see someone different, i think if you feel supported and sympathised with then it makes all the difference! Good luck 😊


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