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Scared - Waiting on second Laparoscopy and possibly coil fitted

Diagnosed around 5 years ago by Laparoscopy (age 25). Had gynaecologist appointment 23/5/16 and was admitted straight to hospital as Dr thought might be more sinister and "didn't want to take any chances". Woke up in hospital alone on my 30th birthday which really upset me.

Ultrasound was ok so got let home, already had an urgent colposcopy and pre-op since discharged and now just waiting on date for urgent laparoscopy, womb biopsies, treatment for endo and they also want me to consider getting coil fitted.

I'm frightened n really not sure what to expect to be honest. I'm sore, feel really sick and I'm so emotional that keep crying for nothing. I've had lap before but didn't get treatment for endo that time. Also never had coil n not sure how I feel about it. If it helps with pain I'm up for it but don't like the idea of something being inside me for so long (if that makes sense).

Anyone else going through similar situation?

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Hi - I just saw your reply to someone else when you said 'My pain is mostly left side and goes up round hip to my back and also goes down my leg.' This raises great suspicion for rectovaginal endo that must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. Have a look at my posts on RV endo, endo on the uterosacral ligaments, the diagnostic lap and how to find a specialist centre. It's a lot of reading but you now need to fully inform yourself of how this would present itself and how it is so often missed in general gynaecology or inadequately treated. If you have a lap in general gynaecology you need to let them know you what you are talikng about and know the procedure to be carried out and that any deep endo in that area must not be touched and you would need referring on to a centre. x

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this is exactly the majority of my pain, i call it my daily pain, left lower side of pelvis and around into my lower back, and down my leg, sometimes i get in the right side but its mostly the left. i have an appointment next week with my gp and am going to ask to be referred to a specialist centre xx


Mine is sometimes right side too but mostly left. Been pretty much daily since beginning of this year. Will need to read up on this so I understand more xx


Ye mine has been like this for almost ten years, only got diagnosed three years ago, and still waiting to actually have some treatment, as all they keep offering me is hysterectomy, and I don't feel this is the long term solution to pain relief xx


Thanks Lindle (I think lol). I was kind of hoping someone would just say yeah, I've been through a similar situation and everything is now ok and you will be ok too.

Will read up on this as sounds more complicated and I'm even more frightened now. Hopefully all be over and done with soon enough xx


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