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Having a laparoscopy but do I have the mirena coil fitted as well?

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So, after many years of seeing a DR. for incredibly painful periods and being put on the rigevidon pill and told it was normal to still have pain; it has become too much. I saw 4 different DRs' before seeing one who actually helped. He had a poke at my tummy, asked a few questions and immediately said "I think you might have endometriosis. I'm going to book you in for an appointment at the hospital to see a Gynaecologist and we'll go from there" So super that was 2-3 months ago, I saw a Gynae and he sent me for an ultrasound, which showed nothing. I'm now booked in to have a laparoscopy on the 18th of this month. I had a pre-opp-appointment last week, and was given a leaflet for the coil. As the nurse gave me it she said now this is a leaflet for the coil, which your DR will have talked to you about...well he hasn't so all I've got is a leaflet about it in general and no clue as to whether its going to help or what.

So my questions are, (finally, sorry) Have you had it fitted? Did it help the pain? What would you say are the Pros and Cons?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :) Look forward to hearing some response x

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I had one put in - I had it for 2 months after the surgery but it was then removed because I was very anaemic and it caused constant bleeding. I didn't have it long enough to know if it would have helped with the pain but I'd be willing to try it again.

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Ah right, I am pretty much on the verge of being anemic most of the time anyway so I might have a similar problem...Nice to see you'd try again though! I'm really unsure about having it because everyone I've seen said it made everything worse than it was before; but at the same time, I see people who have had it fitted for contraceptive purposes and said it's the best thing they've ever done. Ugh so confused, thank you for your reply, I'll definitely think about it due to you saying you'd try again

I'm waiting for my lap and i'm meant to be having the coil fitted too - I've decided to go against it for now. the main reason for me is, i've heard it can take quite a few months to settle down and in 4 weeks I'm starting my teacher training and don't want to be in more pain, another reason is Ive been told normally you have to give it 6 months try to see if it settles down so right now it isn't right for me and the right time in my life. Last week I went back on the Depo injection and I already can't believe how its helped, I think I remember what 'normal' used to be like! My GP told me the Depo is only short term, if it gets me through this year then that is fine, and then I might go back on the implant as I didn't have many problems with that. Hope you find something to help you :)

Don't it's horrendous the side effects were awful helps with bleeding but nasty !

It made me shattered and gave me mouth ulcers sore gums back ache leg pain etc try qlaira pill while you wait for surgery

Thanks for posting this question, I have recently been offered a coil too. I

I agree with Kfern post above. I have had the best time on qlaira pill so far, of several pills to control endo & now adenomyosis diagnoised symptoms. I do worry sometimes if it is masking things and the endo is getting going again. But it helps me stay working. I take it back to back and have found it very effective for several years now after a few months of hiccups at start.

The Mirena coil was brilliant for me. Six years of bliss after a lifetime of pain. Some people hate it, for some it is the answer to everything. You won't know unless you try.

However ... !! If you are in the UK, are you being treated in a BSGE Clinic? ??

If it has been confirmed that you definitely have endo, then you should be referred to a 'specialist endo clinic' / 'BSGE' Centre. Search for info about them on the 'Endo UK' website (they host this site on 'Health Unlocked' and there is link to their website at the top of this page).

Also read posts on here by 'Lindle', or look for any other info on this site about 'BSGE' Centres, and why you should be referred to one.

Hope this helps

I had the coil fitted in March. The bleeding was horrendous at first but now I hardly lose anything, if at all. I still get pain though. Saw my consultant this week and they want to monitor for six more months then have offered me zolodex and I will need another Lap as it looks like my endo has come back even tho the coil was fitted. It has worked for some people I know though. Def ask to be referred to a BSGE centre - I found they have been so supportive for me. Good luck x

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