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Marina Coil and Laparoscopy?



I’m a couple of weeks away from a diagnostic laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis and fitting a marina coil to manage symptoms. I’ve struggled with extreme pain and bleeding for just over 2 years and am hospitalized quite regularly, just wondering if anyone had experience of a coil treatment after a laparoscopy and how effective it was? I’m really nervous and looking for some advice xx

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Hi golden,

I had marina coil too after my surgery but it didnt work with me my bleedings didnt stop at all. I had periods that lasted for 20 days. My consultant had to take it back out as i was having alot of side effects as well. I guess my body didnt want it. But good luck with you op.

Hi Pinkendo,

Thanks for sharing your own experience, that’s what I had worried about as I already suffer with periods that last beyond 10 days and the bout I am currently experiencing has been going on for 15 days. How long did it take until you decided it wasn’t working? I hope you find the solution that works for you x

Hi golden,

Usually my consultant said we need to wait max 6 months so we can understand if its going to work or not, but due to the problems that i was going through he took it out within 2 and half months

Hi Pinkendo,

I’m so sorry that you’ve suffered so badly it sounds awful! I hope that you find a solution that works for you, thank you for your honesty :)

Hey👋🏻 I had the mirena coil fitted whilst having a laparoscopy. It was the best thing I ever did. It took a short while to settle. But soon after my pain and symptoms were much much milder. Try not to worry too much about the horror stories, everyone is so different. It might just be the best thing for you😊 Good luck xx

Hey! Thank you so much that is so reassuring to hear! I’ve tried all sorts of hormone treatments and pills so I’m really hoping it works as well as it did for you 😊 I really appreciate the positivity and I’m so glad it’s helped you! xx

Hiya, I had the mirena coil after my laparoscopy in Feb and it stopped my bleeding for good. Like you I bled a lot like 40 day long periods which wasn’t nice and after being diagnosed with endo I hoped that it would all change. Coil works well and I don’t even know I have it so definitely beneficial for me, hopes it’s the same for you!!

That’s so reassuring thank you! It’s been so daunting wondering if others have been in the same position and it’s so nice to know it has worked for people like me! Thank you, I’m so grateful for your help x

Hey, I too had a mirena coil after my lap. I’ll be honest, the 6 months it took to settle wasn’t great. However once it did, the bleeding was very minimal. My pain didn’t completely go but it did reduce. Hope all goes well x

That’s brilliant to hear! I’m so glad it worked out for you and I’m hoping it goes as well for me! X

I too had a diagnostic lap and coil fitted and after a few unsettled months, have had almost no bleeding for its 5 year life. I’m now due mine out and a new one put in bout putting it off a little as I’m not looking forward to having it done while awake 😬

Lifestyle1 in reply to MrsDuvet

Its not a problem, just like having a smear- just relax!!... yes i know tats not easy!

MrsDuvet in reply to Lifestyle1

Oh good. Thanks for the reassurance 🙂

Thank you this is very reassuring! I hope having your new one goes well x

I also had the coil after laparoscopy but it didn’t work for me. You need to give it a good six months though to help.

I ended up on the depo injection - after one month it stopped my periods and I was happy on it for a year but it’s recently stopped working for me so I’m going for a temp menopause instead.

I’ve heard good things about the contraceptive patch too? X

I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult time! My consultant has considered a few things but I’m only 17 so we wanted to start with a coil to see if I could avoid a temporary menopause. I hope everything works out for you x

I'm on my second Mirena - for me they greatly reduce bleeding but don't really touch my other symptoms. The first 6 months was fine the first time and has been absolute hell this second time around (I was in pain constantly for about 6 weeks, passed out twice and ended up in A&E once) but i can feel it starting to settle now. I told myself I'd give it until the end of lockdown and then get it out if it's still bad, i think my next period will be the decider. I'm loath to get it out as I've tried almost all forms of birth control now so if I can't do the Mirena I don't know what's next!

My mother in law though has had 3 so far and for her they were like a miracle cure. She also has endo and the Mirena made all her symptoms more or less disappear. So everyone's different!

I’m in a similar boat, I’ve tried all forms of birth control but still end up in A&E vomiting with pain and needing morphine. I will definitely give it a while to settle but I’m hoping this is the thing that’ll stop it! I hope you find a solution that will work for you x

I have a marital coil- it was the saving of me, I've had 2 and and keep this one for 10 years (as in menopause). It changed my life completely. It didn't take long for it to settle. I realised that there was life without pain, I used to go to work doped up- Writing this just made me realise how bad it all was then. Do it, I hope it changes your life too :)

That’s amazing to hear! I’ve really struggled lately and it’s getting me down a lot but hearing that gives me hope that this could work as well as it did for you!

I had this too. I just had it taken out last month as the side effects were getting too much. I had it in for over a year and everyday was feeling sick and I was in pain daily rather than just my normal endo pain. Since having it out my pain has gone back to what it was before and I’m feeling less ill. Some people it works great but others seem to suffer

GoldenGirl2002 in reply to lw95

I’m really sorry that this happened for you, I hope you find a solution soon x


I had a laproscopy and coil fitted at the end of February. It's the best thing I ever decided to do! Previously I was on the pill and it didn't really work and my periods we're longer than without the pill. Since having the coil I still have periods however the flow for the whole 5 days is less than a couple of hours without the coil! I had a follow up with my surgeon last week and they said its not unusual for periods not to stop and it all depends on the person and they should settle down further over the next 6 months but they weren't concerned about it! It all depends on the person but I can't even tell its there so definitely recommend.

I hope all goes well xxx

Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to lessened bleeding and it sounds as if it was a great solution for you!


I had a mirena and laperoscopy in February. It is taking a while to settle in and I had about three weeks of bleeding after the operation. I get occasional bleeding and pain but so far I’m pleased I did it. I was very dubious but I have no real unpleasant side effects and before I had tried all kinds of horrible pills that gave me depression, hair loss, weight gain etc. I would recommend it and take the time to find a good painkiller that suits you for the painful days (codeine for example makes me sick)

Good luck!

That’s really helpful thank you! I know it isn’t a quick fix but I’m just hopeful it will give me a more painfree life! I’m glad it seems to work for you!

Hi Goldengirl

I had a coil fitted during my first lap, for me personally I found it very painful and had it removed 4 months later but my friend on the other hand who had the same procedure got on very well with it.

It is very simple and pain free (In my opinion!) to have it removed So I’d definitely recommend trying it and if you don’t get on with it then It is easy to have it taken out. Good luck xxx

GoldenGirl2002 in reply to vb90

Thank you that’s so helpful, taking it out if it hadn’t worked had been something I’d worried about too but it’s great to know that if it doesn’t work for me it isn’t an issue. Thank you and I hope all works out for you x


I haven’t had surgery yet but I had a minera coil fitted last year and found it made a lot of symptoms worse. Bleeding was heavier and longer and the pain was unbearable, I found myself curled up in bed a lot more. I had it for four months in the end and trying to find a doctor to remove it was a nightmare. Removing it was simple - I had period type pains for the rest of the day

Good luck x

That sounds awful I’m so sorry you went through it! Thank you for your advice x

My mindset is try it - you’ll never know what helps until you try x

Absolutely! It’s worth giving anything a go to get symptoms under control x

Hi I had that same operation for diagnosing endometriosis and mirena coil fitted. But the coil didn’t suit me because I bleed so heavily my body just expelled it. So I went back to gynaecologist and was offered a choice of hysterectomy, endometrial ablation (removal of womb lining by burning) or medical menopause. I chose endometrial ablation and I’m so glad I did! I had it done last October and I’ve had zero blood loss after it healed. It’s fantastic! I still get a bit of endo pain around when my period would be due, but I can cope with it with regular pain killers. It’s just so fantastic to not be bleeding anymore and not be permanently anaemic!

I’m so glad it worked out so well! I wanted to try the Mirena first as I’m only 17 so I wanted the option with the least impact on my body but it’s amazing to know that there’s options if it doesn’t work out! Xx

Oh gosh you are so young. Yes I hope the mirena works for you. But when you are ready, definitely opt for the endometrial ablation . I am 47 and I wish I’d had it years ago!! It’s like the best thing that ever happened for me treatment wise. Don’t be scared of it, I healed up within a few weeks.

Thank you I really appreciate your help it’s relieved me so much! Being this young I didn’t want treatment but I am being hospitalized for months at a time with the severity of symptoms so I need to have something! Thank you for your kindness xx

I’m glad it has given you some hope! It’s definitely the best treatment for me, and has transformed my life as my bleeding was so bad I couldn’t go out anywhere at that time of the month. If you also suffer from extensive spread of endometriosis then they can treat that too with surgery. My endometriosis hadn’t spread too far and was treated with laparoscopy (mine was burnt away but I’ve heard that cutting it out can work better for some). I no longer get pain from my womb but still a bit on the left and right near my ovaries at that time of the month, but it’s manageable. We are all different, but I hope you’ll find your way forward, and that your op goes well. Take care x

Thank you so much! I’ve been really worried but it’s so comforting to know how much better it can get! I’ve given consent to burning away any Endo they find so hopefully that will help too, thank you for everything you’ve said I massively appreciate it x

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