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Finally on the waiting list for a laparoscopy after 10 years


Hi ladies,

I've had symptoms of endo for 10 years and after numerous hospital appointments, paying for a private appointment to no avail and feeling like no one was taking me seriously Ive finally been told it is highly likely I have endo and possibly advanced and I have been put on the list for a laparoscopy. I've never had to have an operation before so I'm really nervous about the anaesthetic. Also how long before those who've had it can you go back to work?



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Haven't had laproscopy but don't worry about the anaesthetic. I had an operation done however and everything went smoothly you might be a little thirsty though that's what I experienced.

Hi! I've had two laparoscopies: one to remove an ovarian cyst, and the other (in October) to diagnose Endometriosis. Laparoscopies aren't too bad pain-wise...I found the worst part to be the nerves in the run-up the ops. I'd recommend taking two weeks off work. Doctors usually say you can go back after one week, but I needed 2-3 weeks off after both of mine. Also, if you can have someone stay with you for the first week, do. You'll have very little energy to look after yourself x x

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Thank you! I'm not so much worried about the pain after, it is more the anaesthetic really :(

I had general 3 times and it went smoothly every time. It's normal to be nervous as it is unknown territory but as a nurse I can say that we are very good at distracting you when getting you to sleep and before you know it, you will wake up after what seems a second.

Before my laparoscopy I had nightmares about it and now I just wish I wasn't such an idiot


I went back to work after 4 weeks they say you can go back to work within 4-6 weeks after the operation, I hope it all goes well! 😊

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Thank you!! :)

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No it wasn't a specialist centre. I live in Wales so I'm not sure if it works the same?

Best of luck with the lap and the findings. I have had 4 laps and have usually needed 2 weeks off work although I wasn't working when I had my last one so there was no rush.

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Thank you!! :)

Hi hun.

I have had 2 operations- one was a hysteroscopy in July 2015 + the other was a laparoscopy which was done this week.

I was very scared when I had my first op-the thought of going under terrified me! But honestly hand on heart it's nothing to worry about. Everyone in the theatre are so jolly they make you feel at ease! They know people feel nervous. Your anaesthetic consultant will meet you prior going to the theatre- he/she needs to know what you are like awake. You will have anaesthetic pumped into the back of your hand. Within seconds- literally you will fall fast asleep! And you will wake up in recovery room- surprised it's all over! And it's like no time has passed between being given anesthesia and waking up!

You will feel a bit tired afterwards and will need an adult with you for 24 hours after your op.

My laparoscopy I was quite tired and because he found and and removed endometriosis- in the pouch of Douglas he didn't know I had endo-it was meant to be a lap dye fertility test but as I presented severe ongoing pain my left abdominal side he said he'd check for endometriosis and remove it. I was given pain killers prior op and after the op I was given morphin which I feel made me feel very tired- and wobbly on my legs. I was walking like I was drunk! Luckily my hubby held my hands when I was walking.

Regarding time off I think it depends on how much is done during surgery and the type of job you do. I am training to be a teaching assistant and I also clean a school- so my jobs are physical. I am seeing my GP next week to get a medical opinion when to return to work. My consultant should be signing me off for work- that's what his assistant told me.

All the best with the laparoscopy. I hope you don't have to wait too long. Once you are on the list you are entitled to phone every 2 weeks to see where you are. I was offered a cancellation a few days after phoning!! It still gave me a months notice- to book time off work and for hubby to take time off.

It amazes me how many of us ladies are made to suffer bad periods and made to believe it's the norm.


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