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Pain again after lap :-(

Hi all

Sorry it's a longest one!

I had my second Lap on 13th May which found my bowel, womb and hip bone attached with adhesions and I had ovarian drilling. My period came a few days after op (which was pretty much on time) Since then I took ovulation tests and got a positive result on Tues just gone. As we are ttc we had sex around the right time during our fertile window. Now I am 5 days past ovulation and have felt pretty rubbish all week!

I feel tired and nauseous but mostly am starting to get pain again in my hips, back, groin and legs. This was what I experienced before the op and now concerned the op has had no effect on my symptoms. I appreciate it may help with fertility which would obviously be the greatest thing to come from this. But if the pain is due to continue I don't know how I can cope with it.

Has anyway else had their pain back straight after op? Google has produced a lot that I could be pregnant but as it's too early to know I don't want to get my hopes up!

Thanks for reading any help appreciated x

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My pain didn't reduce after lap 4 months ago. Which was really upsetting :( So, I feel for you at the mo.

I got referred to the pain clinic and am trying amytriptyline. As the Dr said when you've been in pain for so long, the nerve endings are damaged, so they are still sending pain signals to the brain. I also have an appt for TENS therapy. Have you been to the pain clinic? Your GP can refer you.

Good luck with it all x


Hi. I had my surgery 16th May, it was quite complex and lasted 3.5hours (5 endometriomas removed, recto vaginal excision, fibroid removed, adhesions and scar tissue removed as my pelvis was partially blocked and my bowel stuck to my pelvic wall etc) I am still signed of work until the 24th of June, as advised at the hospital.

It does sound like you had a fair bit of work done, and the fact you have been able to have sexual intercourse so soon is great (I can't even consider it yet, however I was in severe daily pain previous to surgery and still in considerable pain now) I understand that with fertility issues it is now prime time to try to conceive. I just personally think you still will be doing a lot of healing internally, even if your pain has been low recently. Maybe sex has just aggreviated things slightly and it will settle down gradually? I certainly think I'm looking at a good few months for my pain to settle (and don't think I will be pain free ever, as my endo is so extensive)

My last lap also took a good while for the pain to settle, so from my experiences it may just be similar for you? Certainly hope things do improve again over the next few days etc.

Good luck with the trying for your baby, we will also be doing the same (although we will be probably looking to do more IVF in a few months as we have had very little success with trying naturally and already had to have several fertility treatments and sadly suffered several miscarriages through this)


Ps, although you are a few days post ovulation, an embryo usually only starts to implant around 7days post ovulation and hcg levels usually don't get high enough until a couple of days later to notice any symptoms.... The earliest I noticed any nausea was at around 12days post ovulation when I had a very weak positive hcg test.

That said, I've had nausea and tiredness on many cycles just before my period has arrived.... It's so hard when you are actively trying as its got my hopes up so many months.

I do hope that you conceive this month, or in the next few, I know it certainly can happen for some ladies shortly after surgery, and especially with the ovary drilling done for this purpose. X


Sorry for replying late to you both. Thank you for your input. I was on amytriptyline before my op and stopped taking it as it was not taking effect. I have tried a pain clinic so that could be an option once I've healed a bit more thank you.

I think it is a case of healing and I hadn't ovulated for months so it could be a surge of hormones from that making me sick etc. I'm so sorry to hear your story Flowerpotts, thank you for replying and good luck to you xx


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