Laparoscopy worries

I'm booked in for a laparoscopy early November and OK so worried. I'm worried about the actual procedure s I've never been put under general before. And I'm even more worried that nothing will be found and I will have no explination for my symptoms, and be back at square one again!

Has anyone had a lap before only to be diagnosed later on with end?

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  • I can't offer much help, but my first lap is next week and I'm having the exact same worries. Especially because my symptoms (unbearable for 3 years now) have actually decreased noticeably the past few weeks (typical!), making me question whether I actually need the lap. I'm so worried they won't find anything and I'll have no explanation. I keep telling myself even if nothing is found, it's still getting one step closer to finding out what's wrong. If it's done by an expert you know endo can most likely be completely excluded as a diagnosis, so you can move on to checking for other conditions, and if not you know the next stage is to find an expert to have a more detailed look.

    I've never had surgery so the idea of a general anaesthetic gives me the willies - but my family tells me it just feels like the blink of an eye before you're in recovery so I'm holding onto that thought for comfort.

  • Hi there, Amyelizabeth09 & Serenwyn, I have had 2 lap ops (Dec 2012 & May 2013) both to get rid of cysts on my left ovary, only to find out they had just drained them & have now got a mass of cysts which I've been on pain management for (Zoladex injections every 3 months & have been since Sept 2014) as they won't remove my left ovary due to my insides being in a right mess due to past ops resulting in adhesions & being overweight.

    I wasn't really in much pain when I came round & was on a saline drip, although my shoulder was sore if I moved it due to the gasses they use to inflate your abdomen (weird I know). I had 3 incisions, 2 on my abdomen & 1 in my belly button & all had dissolvable stitches which should have gone after 10 days, but mine didn't & one of my wounds got infected (not belly button), so had to get the district nurse to clean & dress them & had antibiotics.

    All in all, I just took it easy & my hubby did a lot for us & I was back up & about & driving after 3 weeks. Lap ops recovery is so much better as they are not as invasive and depending on what time your op is, you can go home the same day, mine was always at 5pm so I stayed the night & went home the next morning.

    Try not to be too worried :)

  • Just had a lap yesterday and been discharged today very sore but not as bad as i thought had a couple of smallish patches lasered on my bladder and left side of uterus outside. Hospital have given me sick note for 2 weeks bit surprised thought would just be a week dont be worried glad i pushed for this fingers crossed am cured

  • Hi there, I had a lap in May. I am a nurse and I got my self so worked up about the whole procedure and having to be in hospital as a patient. I had also never had a General anaesthetic which completely freaked me out. I stressed for days and to be honest, it was so not worth it. I had some pain post lap but nothing I couldn't cope with and 2 little scars in my abdomen. It really wouldn't bother me if I had to go through it again. Try not to worry (easier said than done) but I'm sure all will be fine. 😊

  • hi

    I had my first lap last week and I was terrified it was my first ever op, I got my self all worked up and over thought everything I think I even cried going down to theatre.5 days later I'm laid in bed resting feeling a little fragile but it's no where near as bad as I thought it would be. you will be fine and hopefully you will get some answers. Good luck xx

  • Thank you everyone, I'm still worried but I am even when going to the doctors, I hate anything medical :D

    You've helped set my mind to rest a bit about actually going under the anesthetic xxx

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