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Recovery after laparoscopy?

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Thanks to my incredible timing, i am booked in for my laparoscopy the week before my A-levels start. Obviously terrible timing but i don't think postponing it by 2 months is an option for me. Just wondered if anyone has any advice regarding recovery time or if I'm attempting the impossible?

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I'm on day 12 of recovery and categorically I can tell you that it's a hard recovery process and I don't recommend it right before your exams. I was basically asleep more than awake for a full week after, and in constant pain. I'm still struggling to have a normal day, and it's almost been two weeks for me. My mental state hasn't been good enough to follow a full length film, certainly not read a book, I couldn't even contemplate being examined in these conditions!

Is there any way you can ask to reschedule until after your exams? This seems very unreasonable, however obviously I'm not aware of your full circumstances.

I would very, very much recommend postponing. I don't know your individual circumstances of course, but the operation is a bigger deal than I thought it would be. I didn't go back to work for two weeks, and I certainly wasn't up to much after a week. Your exams are very important, so I would say postpone the lap.

Like the other replies I would definitely recommend to postpone 😬 I’ve had four laps now and it takes a good 2 weeks for me to even feel like I can attempt to do anything on my own and 6 before I feel back to normal. The fatigue from a lap can be gruelling as can the emotional rollercoaster many of us experience from the pain killers and procedure itself. Not to mention that sitting at a desk for 2+ hours would be unbearably uncomfortable 😣 2 months seems like an awful long time away but if it was me I would gladly postpone it. Xxx

Unless you can do them in a different environment ie on your sofa then I advise not to have it just before, you will be in pain and your head will still be all over the place, you will struggle to concentrate. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear but I wouldn’t want you failing your exams good luck x

This is a really tricky position to be in, because you're either ill from the lap, or you're ill from the endo.

Please don't cancel the lap until you've spoken to your school. They should have a plan in place for students in this situation - the head of 6th form might be a good place to start, if not, then go straight to the senior staff, so the deputy or head teacher.

take care and best of luck.

I had to have an emergency lap a week before my wedding. I was freaking out thinking I would need to cancel the wedding, concerned I wouldn't get into my dress for the swelling. Needless to say I had an amazing wedding and didn't think about any bloating or discomfort. Recovering is down the individual x good luck I have my next lap today and intend on working by Wednesday (I don't lift) x

I think it very much depends on what you’re having done... my first lap I had a tube removed and dense adhesions removed as well. I was in surgery for about four hours. I was in a lot of pain for about a week afterwards but it did take a few weeks til I felt better. My second lap was to excise all the endo he found on the first lap, I was in surgery for 5.5 hours and it took about 4-5 weeks before I felt better. So if you’re having just a diagnostic lap, you might be ok, anything more than that I would say to postpone.... plus I would imagine you’ll want to be revising the week before your exams start... you might find this hard after a general anaesthetic plus the pain from the air trying to escape your tummy xxxx

I had a pretty fast recovery from my laparoscopy back in 2014, maybe a week or so before I was back at work.

I was itching to not be in hospital after mine but they kept me in for two days. (My blood pressure was too low to let me out)

Hi, like the majority of the other posts I would try to post pone the exams.. however everyone is different and really depends on what having done. I'm 2.5 weeks after surgery and could not even contemplate an exam of any sort! I had a huge amount of work done tho so all depends.. I would def check if can post pone. Good luck x

My endo wasn’t severe and it still took two weeks to recover from the operation. I couldn’t have revised for exams or performed them to an adequate standard a week after surgery.

Another risk is that surgery might temporarily weaken the immune system which could leave you more vulnerable to ‘flu or other bugs immediately following surgery.

If you’re in agony right now and desperate for surgery, you could defer the studies, but it probably makes more sense to postpone the surgery if you can.

Could you speak to your tutor about options?

I would strongly suggest that you reschedule. I know how tough A Levels are (literally just about to do my exams) but surgery (especially if it's your first) can affect you in loads of different ways. I had my first lap in october half term and I really tried to work but found I lacked almost no motivation. Whilst the incisions are small mine were sore for a good few weeks after and even returning to college after two weeks initially was hard. A Level exams are hard enough without having to deal with the discomforts of surgery.

I know it might seem tough to postpone, especially if you're struggling a lot right now, but the lap won't make it all magically go away and you will struggle for a couple of weeks after - that's just the recovery process. If you really really can't postpone I'd advise talking to the exam co-ordinator at your school/college. They can put in an application for special consideration and also can arrange for you to have rest breaks to take painkillers or get some fresh air. Exams suck but it's important for you to look after yourself.

Hi, just echoing the other posts. My first I was off work for 2 weeks, and my second required 4 hours of surgery and I was off for 6 weeks, but didn't feel myself until a few months after. The fatigue got me more than the pain. You don't know how you will react, but I would have been in no fit state for exams. Hope you manage to sort something out X x

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