Laproscopy findings and new referral

Hi, I had a Laproscopy Friday nothing was found, which I am a bit disappointed about, not that I want to have endometriosis I was just hoping that I would finally have a reason for being in so much pain. Do you know if you get a letter from the gynaecologist explaining what they did and saw during the Laproscopy?

I'm thinking of asking to be referred to a different gynaecologist. From the outset she wanted to give me zoladex injections to stop ovulation, rather then investigate why I get so much pain during ovulation and seemed to ignore all the symptoms I told her I had. I'm really hormone sensitive and can't take any form of contraception so don't like the idea of these injections.

Thanks Lou.x

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  • I believe you can ask for a copy of the letter. They send one to your GP, so you could also ask your GP for a copy.

    I guess you have been seen by a general gynaecologist? It might be worth to get a referral to a BSGE, general gynaecologists often miss endometriosis if it is in hard to reach places, like the Pouch of Douglas.

  • Yes just a general gynaecologist, I'll wait and see if I get a letter. Does endometriosis in the pouch of Douglas cause any specific symptoms?

  • Yes, back pain radiating down the leg, stabbing pain deep in the pelvis and sciatica pain. Might not be true for everyone but that is what I heard and those symptoms describe my pain exactly (although I do have different pain too on top of that).

  • Thank you, Sounds very similar to some of the pains I suffer with, I get awful ovulation pain as well, it makes me feel sick it's so painful. Hopefully it will say in the letter what areas they examined.

  • My consultant sent me a copy of the letter that they sent to my GP with the results from the lap. If you don't get a copy sent to you, like KSvedenmacher said you could always ask your GP for a copy xx

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