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Laproscopy in 5 days

After almost a year of trying to get doctors to listen to me and to stop telling me there's nothing wrong with me, i finally got a referral to a gynaecologist. I'm having my laproscopy on Wednesday. My consultant is amazing and is almost certain I have pelvic endometriosis. My symptoms are quite mild, but the worst is the excruciating deep pain during sex. It's so bad it makes me feel physically sick. I've never experienced pain like it. I've been very positive and upbeat about my laproscopy over the past 2 months or so as I knew that this was the start of getting things right. But now with 5 days to go...I'm totally terrified!! I'm frightened that there won't be anything wrong with me and that it is all in my head! I'm frightened of the pain, I'm worried about the day in general from start to finish. I know it's normal to feel nervous and apprehensive but this is oing to change my life...one way or another. I don't have children at the moment but me and my partner are very keen to start a family soon. I desperately want everything to be ok so that we can live out our dream of being parents.

Any advice anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, Ive had three laps so first off try not to worry too much. Easier said than done I know! My biggest tips I can give you are these.

Wear loose confortable clothes, you won't want jeans pressing on your belly post op.

Wear slip on shoes, I wore trainers for my first so embarrassing having to ask a nurse to put then on for me!

Allow yourself plenty of.time to relax and rest, don't rush to get back to normal just because you don't have much on the outside doesn't mean that there isn't much on the inside.

Good luck xx


Thank you Lulu, I'm going shopping tomorrow for some loose fitting trousers!! :)


I agree with Lulu about loose comfy clothing :). Don't worry about it maybe all being in your head, I think it may be a natural reaction. I was the exact same pre op.

Just take it as it comes hon, hope it goes well for you and you get answers of some description.

Wishing you all the best :) x


Hiya I agree with the ladies above I am 9 days post op from my first ever lap and dye I felt the same as you is the pain in my head etc it will be a long day and you will need someone about just to get cups of tea and stuff but I have found its more discomfort than pain, but leggings or loose trousers are the way forward x

I have suffered with pain for 20 years ! And I have only just been seen by a gynae consultant as I have not conceived after trying for 2 years

Paracetamol and ibuprofen is the only pain relief I used but remember you can't see much from the outside but give yourself time to heal on the inside hope it's goes well x ☺️


My lap is next friday and I feel the same way you do. My biggest fear is that they will find nothing and then where do I go from there? I know what to do if it's endo, but what if it's not? So I completely sympathise. I'm just gonna go in and get on with it and not expect too much, otherwise I'm not sure I can deal with it. But on the practical side, I'm taking my slippers lol and a dress. No waist-bands for me for a few weeks.


Hi ladies

Just thought I'd post a quick update...I had my surgery on Wednesday and everything went well. They found endo and several adhesions which they removed so I was so relieved that my suspicions that something was wrong had been proven correct! My recovery is going well, not too much soreness or pain but quite tired. I've been quite emotional though, I'm not entirely sure why!!


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