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I've just recently found out that I 'may have' endo, from my gynaecologist- after 2 years of scans/internals and observations- as I'm only 22, the gynaecologist suggested to have the merina coil before the latter option of keyhole surgery. I'm just wondering if anyone has had the merina coil as a form to help with endo and if it worked? Did you still get pain during and in between periods and how was your period flow once having it? I'm so scared and so nervous of the outcome of having it. Any comments would be appreciated!

Vicky x

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  • I've had endometriosis for nearly 13years there's no cure just finding ways to manage it I've tried the coil, combined pill, mefanamic acid, depo proverb, provera tablets and all have helped for short periods of time but I seem to build immunity against them after a while but some things work for other sufferers of endometriosis depending on how bad it is a lot of it is just trial and error and finding something that works for you even for a short period of time. My periods stopped with it the first time I had it but I had to have it removed after a week the second time because it really wasn't agreeing with me but it's not the same for everyone. A laparoscopy has helped greatly to reduce my symptoms and I've been ok for a few years then the issues and pain start again but I have a very aggressive endometriosis so my options now are limited to a hysterectomy, removal of my left ovary or medically induced menopause. I'm not trying to scare you this is just my experiences with it and like I said everyone with endometriosis is different along with symptoms and the severity/stage of the endometriosis. Just try it if it works great if not look at other options as well such as the depo etc. Good luck x

  • Thank you, I'm so nervous as I feel like I've been passed from pillow to post with my doctor not having a clue for a few years, I'm just glad I have a few options. I think I'm going to try the mirina coil and see how it goes got a few months, if I feel it's not working or pain is the same I will speak to my gynaecologist and try another option, I've been on methenamic acid for 2 years and I feel I'm immune to that too lol thank you for your help! Hope all is well x

  • The Mirena coil is like marmite you love it or hate and you won't know unless you try it. I am in the hate it camp, but I wouldn't advise you based on that as there are many people who love it. Avoid googling as you may talk yourself out of it, and remember the number of horror stories prob doesn't equal reality as people are more likely to go on forums and moan or ask questions if there is a problem than if they are happy, pain free and loving life! Good luck.

  • Thank you 😘

    I've seen so many negatives online but I'm willing to try anything if it gives me at least one pain free month :) trial and error, hope all is well with you x

  • can I ask what a mirena coil is? And what it's purpose is? I'm waiting a for a laparoscopy and I've never been told about this as an option. Xxxx

  • It's a form of contraception but helps with the pain and slows the bleeding of periods down in most cases hun, maybe speak to your doctor about this option? X

  • Yeah I will do Thankyou for your reply 😊Xxxxx

  • I have had a mirena coil since 2013 and I love it. No periods, no pain. I have severe endometriosis, but my symptoms weren't horrific. Once it's fitted, you can keep it in for five years, whichvto me is a positive too. Good luck. Xxx

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